‘Angels of Change’ One-day Volunteer training workshop conducted by MOHAN Foundation Mumbai at K.J.Somaiya School and College of Nursing

Updated on Monday, May 28, 2018
  • Mrs.Avani Oke, Principal of Somaiya Nursing College invited MOHAN Foundation Mumbai to conduct the one-day volunteer training workshop for its graduating batch of 66 students at K.J.Somaiya School and College of Nursing, Sion, Mumbai on 2nd May 2018.

    Mrs. Jaya Jairam started the workshop by sharing with them as to what is expected out of them. Mind Mapping – a group activity was conducted in order to help the participants to begin thinking about various aspects of organ donation. After this, Mrs. Jaya Jairam took them through the various aspects of organ donation – concept, types, process and the state level program.

    Subsequently, they were made to write a thank you letter to a donor family in order to be able to put themselves in the shoes of a recipient. Mrs.Jaya Jairam then went on to present to them the organ donation programs in others states in India. This was an important session since many of these students would go out as nurses and work in various states across the country.

    Mr.Amit Shenoy then conducted a Game of “Organ Donation Pathway” which involved a role play by the students and guessing when whose role would be required during the process by the students.

    Mrs.Jigisha Yadav then addressed them about the Myths and Facts related to organ donation. Stories of Hope – a group activity was thereafter conducted in order to help the participants understand the donor family perspective.

    The next session included interaction with a donor family member and an organ recipient. MOHAN Foundation is very grateful to Mr.Vikram Satpute, a donor family for addressing the students and sharing what he and his family went through while considering the brave decision of donating the organs of his wife. Mrs.Jaya Jairam shared her own story of how her life was affected by chronic kidney illness and thereafter how an act of organ donation saved her life and motivated her to work for this cause.

    This was followed by a session where Mr.Amit Shenoy showed Heart Transplant and Liver Transplant Videos to them and discussed the various aspects of the same.

    The volunteers were then asked to present about the way forward and how they plan to work for this cause in their everyday life. Each volunteer spoke about their plan for spreading awareness and counselling people around them. All the volunteers then  pledged to donate their own organs by filling up the forms.

    Some of the feedbacks from the session are shared below -

    “I feel very inspired to spread awareness”“Best part of this workshop was the live examples”

    “This will be very useful to us in our day-to-day life”“I will surely make my patients aware”

    “I would like to create awareness in my family and locality”

    “In a few months I will be a staff nurse and I am glad that now, I know how important it is”

    Source-Mrs. Jaya Jairam
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