Organ donation awareness talk at refresher training at Avadi Police Recruitment School (PRS), Chennai

Updated on Saturday, May 13, 2017
  • On 11th May 2017, MOHAN Foundation was invited  by Avadi PRS for an awareness talk on their role in deceased organ donation for the policemen attending a refresher course. The session was held at the Police Training College, Ashok Nagar at 2:30 pm for 44 police trainees. Dr. Hemal Kanvinde, transplant coordinators - Ms Sunitha, Mr. Periyanayagam, Ms. Nalini and Ms. Geethu assisted in the   program.. Sub Inspector Ms. Nagalakshmi   of  Avadi PRS introduced  MOHAN Foundation team to the audience.

    Prior to the talk green ribbons were distributed and a pre survey was done to assess the  of knowledge of the police men on organ donation. It was an interactive session. The police personnel enquired about their role in the process of organ donation.

    Dr. Hemal Kanvinde explained the mission and activities of MOHAN Foundation and introduced the transplant coordinators to the trainees.

    The first session was taken by Mr. Periyanayagam. He started by explaining the activities of MOHAN foundation. He later explained reasons for organ failure, what is organ donation, who can donate and other concepts  of organ donation.

    The second session was taken by Ms Sunitha focusing on the role of police men in organ donation. Road traffic accident is the major cause of brain stem death in the country. As the first intimation goes to the police their role is inevitable. All the legal aspect were explained clearly to them. The main points for discussion of the session were

    1. The procedure that has  to be done to certify brain stem death
    2. Who are the responsible people to certify the brain stem death
    3. Green corridor and its significance in organ donation and retrieval
    4. Role of TRANSTAN in allocation of organs

    The session was very useful and informative, said one of the police men. At the enf information brochures and donor cars were picked up by the trainees.

    MOHAN Foundation thanks Ms Nagalakshmi for giving the opportunity to explain about brain death and organ donation to the police personnel.

    Source-Geethu Jose
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