Deceased Organ Donation Awareness Program for Senior women’s group in Nagpur

Updated on Friday, February 24, 2017
  • On 14th February 2017, Mrs. Rajani Nimbalkar secretary of Virangoda senior women group, Nagpur, invited MOHAN Foundation to talk about Organ donation and transplantation.

    Dr. Ravi Wankhede, Director of MOHAN Foundation, Nagpur Center represented MOHAN Foundation. He explained the need for donation, types of donors and what can be donated.  He spoke of brain death and the possibility of converting this tragedy into hope for some organ failure patients.

    He explained the importance of Donor card how it helps people to donate the organ, value to wearing a helmet, the legal and ethical aspects of organ donation and the process of pledging organs.  He requested to members use MOHAN Foundation website and the helpline number.

    The session highlighted how they can be part of this noble cause by pledging the organ and how they can help others in joining the cause. 40 members attended the session they want to pledge their organs after discussing with their family members. 

    Question asked by participants:

    1)     After body donation will the family get the body for the funeral?

    2)    Can cancer patient donate their organs?

    3)    In which diseases we cannot donate our organs?

    4)    After cataract operation can a person donate his/her eyes?   

    5)    After organ donation, can we donate our body also?

    Source-Bulu Behera
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