Webinar cum Interactive session, “Dermatological and Skin Issues Post Transplant- by Dr. Sandhya Pradhan

Updated on Tuesday, April 2, 2024
  • On 9th March 2024, an interactive session, “Dermatological and Skin Issues Post Transplant- by Dr. Sandhya Pradhan(Dermatologist)” conducted by TRIOMPH- a patient support group launched by MOHAN FOUNDATION supported by SBI Foundation.


    Dr. Aanchal Makhija (Patient Support Group Counsellor) moderated this entire session. She welcomed the audience while introducing the Dermatologist Dr. Sandhya Pradhan and also gave a brief introduction to TRIOMPH. TRIOMPH is an acronym for Transplant Recipients of India and Organ Failure Patients – a Movement to Provide Hope. TRIOMPH's main objectives are Education, Support, and Advocacy for its Patient Community and Caregivers


    Dr. Sandhya explained in detail about number of skin infections common post transplant. She highlighted viral, fungal, bacterial infections frequently seen in recipients. She also discussed issues like drug induced skin conditions, skin conditions due to sun exposure, hair fall, dandruff and scalp related conditions. Her presentation also included some skin care routine and hair care routine.


    A lot of questions were asked by the attendees-

    1. How to get rid of acnes due to medications post transplant?

    2. Can Eczema be cured?

    3. Is Laser treatments and chemical peelings safe post transplant?

    4. Role of supplements for hair and skin?


    In an interactive session, discussions happened on the topics like warts and its treatment.

    For acnes, Dr. Sandhya suggested the usage of retinoids, antibiotic creams and combination therapy but under the guidance of dermatologist.  She also answered that Laser therapy is a harmless procedure post transplant but it surely depends from person to person and the duration of the consumption of medicines.


    Some of the important takeaway messages included -


    1. For hair care- use paraben free products, sulphate free conditioners and avoid chemical treatments.

    2. For skin care- always use sunscreen during daytime with SPF 30 or more, Usage of moisturizers is must.

    3. Visit to a skin specialist is must if you observe any frequent changes in the skin.


    This session was conducted on Zoom and also broadcast live on the YouTube channel of the MOHAN Foundation. There were around 15 participants on Zoom and YouTube had 5 participants. The YouTube video has around 140 views as of the date of this report. 


    MOHAN Foundation thanks Dr. Sandhya Pradhan for her guidance and detailed insights on the skin care post transplant and to SBI Foundation for supporting this initiative.


    Click here to watch the video.

    Source-Aanchal Makhija
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