Transplant Coordinators' Training Programme held in Bengaluru, Karnataka

Updated on Thursday, March 2, 2017
  • Under the aegis of National Organ & Tissue Transplant Organisation (NOTTO), Directorate General of Health Services, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Govt. of India, MOHAN Foundation in collaboration with Zonal Coordination Committee of Karnataka for Transplantation (ZCCK), and The Integrated Liver Care Foundation (ILC), conducted a one week Transplant Coordinators’ Training Programme from 13th to 17th February 2017 at Aster CMI Hospital, Bengaluru, Karnataka. 34 candidates were present not only from Karnataka, but also Kerala, Delhi-NCR, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu. They received their certificates with a unique registration number from NOTTO. This was the 43rd training programme conducted by MOHAN Foundation and the ninth in partnership with NOTTO.

    Dr. Kishore Babu, Honorary Secretary, ZCCK, Dr. Nitish Shetty, CEO, Dr. Chandil Kumar, COO and Dr. Sonal Asthana, HPB and Multi organ Transplant Surgeon, Aster Integrated Liver Care (ILC) group, Aster CMI Hospital were present at the inauguration. MOHAN Foundation was represented by Mrs. Lalitha Raghuram, Country Director, Dr. Sumana Navin, Course Director, Mrs. Pallavi Kumar, Executive Director Delhi-NCR, Ms. Sujatha Suriyamoorthi Manager-Information Systems and Ms. Ann Alex, Programme Associate.


    Day 1 – Mrs. Lalitha Raghuram began by describing the Basic Concepts of Organ Donation and the significance of Transplantation. Later, she introduced the topic of Eye Donation, Eye Banking and  Corneal Transplant. Following this she explained the counselling skills required for approaching a family for organ donation & Grief Counseling; for this she gave instances from Donor stories. ACP Kasim Raja, Nodal Officer Karnataka, shared on how Green Corridor functions in Karnataka. Mrs. Pallavi Kumar took the participants through the journey of the Transplantation of Human Organs Act and then went on to give various interesting ideas on how to spread awareness about organ donation and transplantation to the public. The functions and role of ZCCK through the years were explained by Dr. Patricia Namitha Maria Viego, Senior Transplant Coordinator, ZCCK. Educative videos were screened.

    Day 2 – Dr. Sunil Karanth, Chairman – Critical Care Services, Manipal Hospital explained clearly about the diagnosis and certification of brain death. Films on the topic were screened. Dr. Ramamurthy, Consultant - Anaesthesia and Critical Care, Aster CMI Hospital, stressed on the importance of maintaining a potential deceased donor. Mrs. Lalitha Raghuram described in detail a step by step process to set up a deceased donation programme in a hospital, she then shared experiences with the help of Donor stories. Mrs. Pallavi Kumar elucidated on the Roles and Qualities of a Transplant Coordinator. The ‘Role Play’ done by the participants on counselling a family for organ donation was moderated by Mrs. Pallavi Kumar and Dr. Sumana Navin. 

    Day 3 –Dr. Sumana Navin spoke about the history of transplant, timeline of successful transplants in the world and the current status of deceased donation in India and the World. Dr. P. Vidyashankar, Lead Consultant - Nephrology, Aster CMI Hospital, explained the common causes of Kidney diseases and role of dialysis. He also traced the past, present and future of renal replacement therapy including the work being done in wearable and implantable artificial kidneys. Dr. Jayanth Reddy, Consultant, Hepatobiliary and Multi-Organ Transplant  Surgery, Aster CMI Hospital described the process of Kidney Transplants with the help of videos. He then elaborated on the Pre and Post Care and Coordination for a Pancreas Transplant and the procedure to do a Pancreas transplant with the help of videos. Ms. Sujatha Suriyamoorthi briefed about the State based and NGO based organisations working in the field of organ donation and transplantation in India. Dr. Ajoy, Orthopaedic and Arthroscopy Surgeon, MSRMC and HQCO, M S Ramaiah Tissue Bank, stressed the importance of spreading awareness on Bone donation and the importance of Bone grafting. An e-module film on  Skin Donation, Skin Banking and Skin grafting by Dr. Sunil Keswani was screened.

    Day 4 – Dr. Rajeev Lochan, Senior Consultant – Liver transplantation and HPB surgery, Aster CMI Hospital, explained the Basics of Liver diseases, Liver Failure and Liver Transplant and showed videos of the surgery. He also outlined the role of the transplant coordinator in the process. Dr. Mahadev Dixit, Lead Consultant – Cardiac Surgery & Chief of Cardiac Sciences, Aster CMI Hospital, with the help of videos spoke about the Basics of Heart Failure and Heart Transplant. Ms. Sujatha Suriyamoorthi lucidly explained about the Deceased donation programme in public hospitals in Tamil Nadu followed by sharing her experiences as a Transplant Coordinator. Dr. Veena Vidya Shankar, Associate Professor, Department of Anatomy, M S Ramaiah Medical College, encouraged the participants to spread awareness on  voluntary body donation and explained the process and contraindications to body donation. Prof. Dakshina Murthy and Ms. Afshan Yasmeen, journalists, shared their role in promoting organ donation & transplantation, from the media’s point of view, followed by a discussion. Mr. Ajay Kumar with the help of videos briefed about  Heart valve (homograft) Donation, Banking and  the use of heart valves in valve replacement and valve reconstruction surgery. Dr. Sonal Asthana threw light on the various  ways that Social Media can create awareness and help in raising funds for organ transplantation. Dr. Sanjay A Pai, Consultant Pathologist and Head of Pathology, Columbia Asia Referral Hospital,  raised some very interesting questions regarding the ethics of organ donation and transplantation It set the participants thinking and debating several ethical dilemmas.

     Day 5 – Mr. Gipson John, Transplant Coordinator, Aster CMI Hospital, explained the Role of a Transplant (Recipient) Coordinator and about what needs to be done for a patient pre and post transplant. Prof. Dr. Vimal Bhandari, Director, NOTTO spoke about the National Organ & Tissue Transplant Organisation and the importance of sharing information with the national body to ensure transparency. Dr. P.K. Devadass, Dean & Director, Bangalore Medical College and Research Institute shared some unusual medico-legal cases (murders) in which organ donation took place through his intervention. He also brought out the Role of the Police, Forensic and Transplant Coordinators. The training ended with a group activity – slogan writing presented creatively. This was conceptualised and moderated by Ms. Ann Alex.

    Prof. Dr. Vimal Bhandari, Dr. Sunil Shroff, Managing Trustee, MOHAN Foundation, Dr. Sonal Asthana and Dr. Sumana Navin were present at the Valedictory function. Dr. Sunil Shroff asked the participants for feedback about the training. Prof. Dr. Vimal Bhandari congratulated the participants and distributed the certificates.



    Source-Dr. Sumana Navin and Ms. Ann Alex
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