Transplant Coordinators Training Program - Day 3

Updated on Thursday, June 17, 2010
  • Morning session

    The third day training program was a special one for MOHAN Foundation and the trainees because Mr.Mahesh (33) and his wife Chandrakala (23) had approached MOHAN Foundation earlier to give an awareness talk on organ donation on the occasion on their sons first birthday celebration. We were pleasantly surprised when Mr. Mahesh approached us to organize the seminar as we have never encountered any such request in the past.


    Our Transplant Coordinator delivered a PowerPoint presentation on organ donation and subsequently provided donor cards to all those interested in pledging their organs.. Equally dedicated to the cause, Chandrakala said that the celebration would not have been ‘complete’ without a small contribution from their family for a noble cause. “My husband and I made out a list of topics that could be addressed on the day and finally chose 'organ donation'. Seeing his enthusiasm for the cause, many of our relatives also agreed to pledge their organs,” she said.


    The couple now hopes to inspire other citizens to endeavor to include the rest of society in every happy occasion. Nearly hundred people attended the program and out of them forty five people voluntarily came forward and signed for the donor card. The birthday celebration and cutting of the cake that continued after was a real treat to everybody.


    Afternoon session

    The afternoon session was delivered by Dr. Sumana on “Liver”. Liver- the power house of the body, its structure and functions were explained by Dr.Sumana. She also spoke about the indicators for Liver diseases and transplantation, the investigations done to evaluate the liver functions. The session helped the trainees to gain knowledge on liver. Followed by this, Dr.Sunil Shroff headed a discussion on issues which the trainees can cover in their projects as part of the curriculum.


    Source-Christopher Asir
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