Transplant Coordinator's Training Program - Day 1

Updated on Tuesday, June 15, 2010
  • The one month training course for the Transplant Coordinators started on 15th June 2010 at MOHAN Foundation with Dr. Navin Jayakumar’s presentation on “Human Anatomy”. The basics of human anatomy- cells, tissues, organs, organ systems and the human organism were explained. The basic cell structure, DNA the genetic material and its function, other components of the cell, tissue development, different kinds of tissues, functions of tissues, different organ systems in human body and their functions  were clearly described with pictures. He also gave an overview about transplantation, the organs which are being transplanted. He stressed that the basic knowledge about human anatomy is very essential for professionals working in the transplantation field. The lecture was simple and was easy for the trainees to understand the concept even though they don’t have knowledge in human biology.  


    Then Dr. Sumana Navin, Course Director, MOHAN Foundation gave an introduction about MOHAN Foundation, its conception, activities, achievement all through the years. This introduction session was helpful for the trainees to know about MOHAN Foundation, and its commitments towards the cause of organ donation.


    The third session was given by Ms. Veena, the successful transplant coordinator, trained by MOHAN Foundation and placed in Govt. General Hospital. She gave a presentation on “Organ Donation Awareness and Basic Concepts”. The session provided the basic information about the organ donation and transplantation.


    The fourth session was on “MOHAN Foundation website” and it was delivered by Ms. Gayatri Srinivasan. She explained the role played by the website in educating people about organ donation and transplantation. She also spoke about the information available in the website (the Govt orders, THO act, Donor memorial etc), the constant updating of information which helps people in getting firsthand information.


    The post lunch session started with discussion on the project submitted by Ms. Veena on “Organ donation”. Then a few documentaries related to Organ donation and some inspirational talks by famous personalities were showed to the trainees.


    Thus the first day of one month course started with much enthusiasm and got the better impression from the participants.



Posted By : shalaish, on Saturday, July 24, 2010
Thanks for conducting a excellent course, I am looking foreword to join it & already submitted my application form.
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