Sensitization program for the Medical PGs and Nursing Staff Bengaluru

Updated on Friday, March 31, 2023
  • MOHAN Foundation conducted the sensitization program for the new joinee (PG’s, Doctors and nursing staff) on 09th March 2023 in NIMHANS Hospital Bengaluru.

    MOHAN Foundation was represented by Mrs. Ranjini Shankar MS.

    Mrs. Ranjini Shankar, initiated the session by introducing MOHAN Foundation, its mission, vision and then she explained the concepts of organ and tissue donation, she discussed about the types of death i.e., cardiac death and brain death, she also discussed in detail about brain death declaration through Apnoea test and few other clinical aspects like Corneal reflex test (the eyes don’t move when the eye surface is touched), Oculocephalic reflex test (the eyes don’t move when the head is moved) and Oculovestibular reflex test (the eyes don’t move when ice water is poured into the ear) and procedure of deceased organ donation and live organ donation.

    Mrs. Ranjini Shankar elaborated the procedure of eye, skin and bone donation. After that she explained the barriers of organ donation i.e., myths and facts related to organ donation and how it impacts in the minds of the public, then she told the important role of Jeevasarthakathe (SOTTO) in Karnataka, she explained about the donor card and how one can become an organ donor and also elaborated the volunteering training activities conducted by MOHAN Foundation for volunteers interested in supporting the noble cause of organ donation.

    Mrs. Ranjini Shankar spoke thereafter, inviting the participants to join MOHAN Foundation’s internship and volunteering program. Details of Organ Donation Helpline No 1800 103 7100 were also shared.

    About 250 participants attended the session and all the participants took the donor cards and pledged for organ donation.

    Towards the end of the session, the Doctors, PG’s and Nursing staff enquired about the course availability and they also appreciated the work of MOHAN Foundation’s work.

    MOHAN Foundation conveys its gratitude to the NIMHANS Bengaluru for choosing to support this life-saving cause.

    Source-Mrs. Ranjini Shankar MS
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