An interactive session organized by MOHAN Foundation for Public Bengaluru

Updated on Friday, March 31, 2023
  • Ms. Jacintha Mendis, member of Holy Rosary Church invited MOHAN Foundation to conduct awareness for the members of Holy Rosary Church Bengaluru on 12th March 2023 morning. The session was attended by 40 members.

    MOHAN Foundation was represented by Mrs. Ranjini Shankar M S (Project Manager - Bengaluru).

    Mrs. Ranjini Shankar MS initiated the session by introducing MOHAN Foundation and its activities, explained the importance and need for donation, when and who can become donors - concepts of brain stem death and circulatory death. She also touched upon the common myths that prevailed in the minds of public and explained about Jeevasarthakathe (SOTTO) its laws and the importance of a donor card.

    Discussion with the audience:

    • Does my age/fitness level disqualify me from being a donor?
    • What is the process for Living Donation and what organs can be donated for being a live donor?
    • Do they have to pay for the organs?
    • Whether the donor’s hospital charges will be taken care by recipient’s family?

    Towards the end of the session among 40 members 33 members supported the concept of Organ Donation by pledging their Organs.

    Source-Mrs. Ranjini Shankar MS
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