Seniors from Dignity Foundation support Organ Donation during Daan Utsav

Updated on Thursday, October 11, 2018
  • MOHAN Foundation conducted an Organ Donation Awareness Program for the members of Dignity Foundation – Anna Nagar, Chennai Branch, on the occasion of Joy of Giving Week on 6th October 2018 at 10.30 AM. This NGO works for the rights of senior citizens.  Mr. T. S. Siva Shankar, Helpline Executive, MOHAN Foundation conducted the session.

    The session was started with issuing green ribbons, immediately a question arrived from Mrs. Sundera Gopalan, Chief Dignitarian – Chennai Chapter. Mr. Siva Shankar gave explained the meaning of green ribbon as to support Organ Donation. Mr. Siva Shankar then started the session with explaining the activities of MOHAN Foundation.

    He went through the following in detail:

    1. Organ Donation and functions of each organ
    2. Types of Donation
    3. Organs that can be donated while living, after cardiac death and brain death
    4. Brain Death and its causes
    5. Age criteria and myths on Organ Donation
    6. Government Authority that allocates organs in Tamil Nadu
    7. Helpline Number

    The session went on for 1 hour and with Q & A session for 15 minutes. Some questions were:

    1. Who is MOHAN?
    2. If I decide to donate organs, is the permission of family required?
    3. Why are organs not used for others after circulatory death?

    6 members from the 15 senior citizens registered for organ donation by taking a donor card. MOHAN Foundation thanks the members of Dignity Foundation for the invitation during the Daan Utsav and for supporting Organ Donation. 

    Source-Siva Shankar T. S.
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