Organ Donation talk at Yrela, for NSS students of G.S College, Nagpur.

Updated on Saturday, February 4, 2023
  • On19th January, Mr. Bulu Behera transplant Coordinator at MOHAN Foundation, Nagpur, was invited by Mr. Yashodeep Kedar of G.S. college, Nagpur. He is the NSS officer of G. S college, Nagpur. Program was held at Manava Mandir, Yrela , Nagpur. Information provided to the NSS students of G. S College by Mr. Behera are following-

    • What is organ donation and who can donate organs?
    • What is living donation & which organs can be donated?
    • What is deceased donation and which organ and tissues can be donated?
    • What types of death and in case natural death which tissues can be donate?
    • In case brain death which organs and tissues can be donated?
    • What are causes of brain death?
    • Difference between coma and brain death.
    • Time factors of organ retrieval as well as transplant.
    • Whom to contact for organ donation?
    • Age limit for organ donation?
    • Role of NOTTO, ROTTO, SOTTO, ZTCC for organ donation.
    • Information about Organ Transplant Act 1994.
    • Information about hand and leg transplant.
    • Information about organ transplant priority list.
    • Information about MLC case and Non MLC about organ donation.
    • Myths and facts related organ donation.
    • Historical prospective related organ donation.
    • Importance of donor card.
    • Request to use MOHAN Foundation website and help line number.

    Questions asked by participants

    • After my death whom to contact for organ donation?
    • What is the difference between coma and brain death?
    • Why coma patient’s organ donation is not allowed?

    Around 120 participants were presented.10 amongst them signed the consent form for organ donation rest of them decided to have a discussion with their family members before signing the consent form.

    Source-Mr. Bulu Behera
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