Organ Donation stall at Indian Institute of Management (IIM),Mihan in Nagpur.

Updated on Wednesday, January 3, 2024
  • On 12th December 2023 MOHAN Foundation, Nagpur was invited by Mr.Vilash Shewde who is secretary of Ashrovad foundation to put  up a stall on organ donation at Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Mihan in Nagpur. In Occasion of 10th Annual Global Nagpur Summit 2023 and Social track. Bulu Behera Transplant coordinator from MOHAN Foundation presented the stall.It was Global social Expo which is for togetherness  to develop social sectors. donation.Information given about Organ donation  by Mr. Behera to students which is given below-

     What is organ donation and who can donate organ?

     What is live donation & which organ can be donate?

     What is deceased donation and which organ and tissues can be donate?

     What types of death and in case natural death which tissues can be donate?

     In case brain death which organs and tissues can be donates?

     What are causes of brain death?

     Difference between coma and brain death.

     Time factors of organ retrieve as well as transplant.

     Whom to contact for organ donation?

     Age limit for organ donation?

     Role of NOTTO, ROTTO, SOTTO, ZTCC for organ donation.

     Information about Organ transplant Act 1994.

     Information about hand and leg transplant.

     Information about organ transplant priority list.

     Information about MLC case and Non MLC about organ donation.

     Myths and facts related organ donation.

     Historical prospective related organ donation.

     Importance about donor card.

     Request to use MOHAN Foundation website and help line number

    Questions asked by visitors

     Where is MOHAN Foundation office?

     Is there possible for kidney sell?

     What difference between coma and brain death?

    21 visitors visited in which 2 of them signed consent form for organ donation. Few others will do the same after discussion with family. Thanks to Mr. Vilash Shewde sir for inviting  MOHAN Foundation for  such a noble cause.

    Source-Bulu Behera
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