Organ Donation awareness talk at NCC camp in Kanchipuram District

Updated on Thursday, February 1, 2018
  • MOHAN Foundation was invited for an awareness program by Col. Pankaj Sharma, of 3TN Bn NCC Battalion on 28th January 2018 at 3 PM. Dr. Hemal Kanvinde, Mr. N. Raja and Mr. T. S. Siva Shankar represented MOHAN Foundation. The session was attended by around 500 students from 8th to 12th standard and was held at the Pachiappa’s College grounds in Kanchipuram.

    Mr. N. Raja, Transplant Coordinator started the session about the concepts of Organ Donation. He explained in depth the following:

    1. Organ Donation and its need
    2. Types of Donors
    3. Brain Death and Coma

    Mr. N. Raja conducted an informal quiz, NCC cadets who answered were given a band.  This way cadets started paying attention. The session went on for 1 hour with some queries at the end from the cadets.

    Questions asked:

    1. Can a male brain death patient give an organ to a female patient who is need?
    2. If a Brain Death patient doesn’t have any relatives then how will he donate organs?
    3. If a person commits suicide can he donate his/her organs?
    4. Why are organs donated from a Brain Death patient not from a Natural Death patient?

    The questions and answer session went on for 15 minutes; every question was answered by Mr. Raja. MOHAN Foundation thanks Col. Pankaj Sharma for inviting us to speak to the student cadets. 

    Source-Siva Shankar T. S.
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