Organ Donation awareness programme conducted at Rahul Park Society, Pune

Updated on Friday, February 18, 2022
  • On 6th February, 2022 sensitization programme on organ donation was conducted for senior citizens of Rahul Park Society,  Pune.  Mrs. Ashlesha  Patwardhan, resident of Rahul Park, invited Mr. Jagdish to help her and her family to pledge their organs and also give them awareness about organ donation.

    Mr. Jagdish introduced himself and MOHAN Foundation to the members who attended the session. Then he touched upon the below topics about organ donation

    1. Concept of Organ donation and its importance
    2. THOA Act was explained
    3. Difference between cardiac death and brain death
    4. Concept of Brain death
    5. Process of whole body donation was explained
    6. Explained about why solid organs cannot be donated about cardiac death
    7. Difference between tissue and organs
    8. Explained about how skin and eye donation can be even done at home?


    The session was very interesting and interactive. Senior citizens had many questions about organ donation. Mr. Jagdish cleared all their doubts and queries. 8 members participated in the session and all of them pledged their organs.


     Questions asked by the senior citizens were as follows:

    1. Who can pledge their organs?
    2. Age limit for pledging organs?
    3. Why family members consent is important to proceed with organ or tissue donation after a person’s death?


    We thank Mrs. Ashlesha for inviting us and providing us an opportunity to create awareness on organ donation to the senior citizens of Rahul Park Society.

    Source-Mr. Jagdish Borude
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