Organ Donation Awareness for Police Officials at Vellore and Kanchipuram

Updated on Tuesday, October 29, 2019
  • MOHAN Foundation was invited by the Police Recruit Schools in Vellore and Kanchipuram to conduct awareness programmes on 25th October 2019 for police personnel. Mr. Siva Shankar T S from MOHAN Foundation and Mr. Prakash K, Transplant Coordinator deputed from Kamatchi Memorial Hospital were the resource people for the event.

    The programme started with the explanation of organ donation concepts by Mr. Siva Shankar. He elaborated on the following topics:

    • Organ donation and the need for it
    • Organs that can be donated while living and after death
    • Brain Death and Coma
    • Transplants performed so far in Tamil Nadu
    • Definition of death

    The session was then continued by Mr. Prakash who explained the role of police in organ donation cases in a hospital. He covered the following topics

    1. The paper work that is done by Transplant Coordinators which is handed over to the police for inquest
    2. Arrival of the police at the hospital for inquest

    The session went on for 2 hours in Vellore and 1 hour in Kanchipuram. There were some questions asked by the participants including, ‘Will the organ donation go forward if the police are unable to reach the hospital on time?’

    Source-Siva Shankar T S
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