Organ Donation Awareness Stall at a Food Science Expo

Updated on Saturday, March 9, 2019
  • Arvi Rotary Club organized a Food Science Expo at the high school grounds in Arvi, Wardha from 15th to 18th Feb 2019. MOHAN Foundation was a part of event and set up an information stall. MOHAN Foundation was allotted 3 stalls where brochures, donor cards, standees and banners were set up. The programme’s main aim was to give information to general public as well as medical fraternity on several subjects. There were 100 stalls showcasing various aspects of themes including agriculture and the medical field. Most of the doctors in the Wardha district hospital were present and were available to answer queries of visitors in the stalls.

    Organ Donation Awareness in the event was jointly organized by MOHAN Foundation, ZTCC Nagpur and Malhar Film Art Organization. Mr. Akshay R. Ahiy and Mr. Bulu Behera Transplant Coordinator of MOHAN Foundation managed the stall.

    Information on the following topics was given to visitors:

    • History of transplants
    • Type of deaths
    • What organs and tissues can be donated after brain death, after natural death and while living?
    • Where is waiting list available for organ failure patients?
    • Who can donate organs and the importance of donor cards?
    • MOHAN Foundation activities and website
    • Information about Organ Transplant Act 1994
    • Myths related to organ donation

    Approximately 4000 visitors visited the stall in the 4 days. After understanding about organ donation, 100 visitors signed consent forms and received donor cards.

    Question asked by visitors:

    • What is the difference between body donation and organ donation?
    • What is the time duration following death for body donation?
    • Is body donation possible after eye donation?
    • Where is the MOHAN Foundation office in Nagpur?
    • Is it possible to call the MOHAN Foundation helpline and donate organs?
    • Who is the right person to sign consent form for organ donation?
    • What is the difference between coma and brain death?


    Source-Bulu Behera
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