Organ Donation Awareness Session conducted by MOHAN Foundation in collaboration with SOTTO Haryana at Rashtriya Gaurav Samman Samaroh organized by Ujala Aaj Talk at Sampla, Rohtak

Updated on Monday, August 28, 2023
  • On August 20, 2023, Dr. Dehraj, Chief Editor of Ujala Aaj Tak, invited MOHAN Foundation with SOTTO Haryana to conduct an awareness session on organ donation at Sampla, District Rohtak.

    Ujala Aaj Tak is a national daily Hindi newspaper in Haryana. Every year, they conduct Rashtriya Gaurav Samman Samaroh, covering various districts of Haryana, to felicitate social activists and environmentalists as ‘REAL HEROES’ for their commendable work.


    Former Inspector General of Police Sh. Surender Kumar Sharma, IPS, was the chief guest at the event. He addressed the group and stated that the 'REAL HEROES' honoured in the programme were recognised for their achievements and social contributions. He also stated that organ donation is a noble cause for which we must continue to conduct awareness campaigns in order to dispel societal misconceptions.


    Dr. Dehraj, Chief Editor of Ujala Aaj Tak, welcomed the MOHAN Foundation and the SOTTO Haryana team. The key concepts of organ donation were discussed by Ms. Renu Kumari and Ms. Deepti Kumari in detail. To name a few:


    • What is organ donation, and who can donate organs?

    • What is living donation, and which organs can be donated?

    • What is deceased donation, and which organs and tissues can be donated?

    • Difference between coma and brain death.

    • Time factors of organ retrieval as well as transplant.

    • Eye donation.

    • Whom should I contact for organ donation?

    • The role of the NOTTO, ROTTO, SOTTO, and MOHAN Foundations in organ donation

    • Myths and facts related to organ donation

    • Importance of a donor card.

    • How to register for a donor card to pledge for organ donation

    The group as a whole was inspired and motivated to support organ donation.


    Ms. Renu Kumari thanked the Ujala Aaj Tak for giving them the opportunity to create awareness about organ donation. She also expressed gratitude to those who came forward to pledge their organs, thereby showing their support for the cause.


    Close to 100 members attended the session, and 14 individuals filled out Organ Donation Form 7 (Organ Pledging Form) of the Transplantation of Human Organs and Tissues Rules, 2014.


    Source-Ms. Renu Kumari
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