Organ Donation Awareness Session at Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) Training School, Nand Nagri Depot, New Delhi

Updated on Tuesday, April 9, 2024
  • On April 3, 2024, MOHAN Foundation (MF) conducted a session on organ donation for the lower division clerks and bus drivers at the Delhi Transport Corporation Training School, Nand Nagri, New Delhi. The session's speakers were Ms. Simran Anand and Ms. Sanya Santosh, Programme Officers, MOHAN Foundation, NCR.


    Ms. Sanya began the session by introducing MF to the participants and asking them about their understanding of organ donation. She then explained the basic concept of organ donation to the participants. Ms. Simran explained to the participants the basic concept of brain death and the various steps involved in a brain death declaration. She elaborated on the following topics in detail:


    • What is organ donation, and what's its need in society?

    • Who can be an organ donor?

    • Live and deceased donors explained

    • Donations of organs are possible both during life and after death.

    • Brain death

    • Eye donation and steps required to preserve the cornea after death.

    • The Human Organ Transplantation Act of 1994

    • Role of the MOHAN Foundation

    • What can an individual do to contribute to this noble cause?

    • Myths and facts about organ donation

    • Differences between coma and brain death


    One of the participants shared his father’s liver transplant experience at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi.


    A few participants also shared their views about fear of death and fear of mutilation of the body.


    Participants enthusiastically contributed to the discussion and asked a few questions, including:


    • Are organs free of charge, or are they charged?

    • Are there any potential disparities in organ allocation?


    Close to 65 participants attended the session


    Source-Ms. Sanya Santosh
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