Organ Donation Awareness Program at Tamil Nadu Police Academy - 2

Updated on Wednesday, July 11, 2018
  • On 5th July 2018 MOHAN Foundation was invited to conduct an awareness talk on Role of Police in Organ Donation at the Tamil Nadu Police Academy, Oonamanchery (Vandalur) for Inspectors and Sub-Inspectors from different districts of Tamil Nadu. Nearly 30 police staff attended the session.

    Mrs. Kavitha Aneesh (Transplant Co-ordinator at MOHAN Foundation deputed at Trivandrum), Mr. T. S. Siva Shankar (Helpline Executive), Ms. S.V. Kavipriya (Bio-statistician) conducted the session.

    Mr. Siva Shankar spoke about organ donation, brain death, cause of brain death, which tissues and organ can be donated and when, importance of time period in organ transplantation and gave an explanation on green corridor.

    Mrs. Kavitha explained the role of police in organ donation procedure for brain death patient. She informed them that the dead body shall be in the ICU when they come for an inquest and not in the mortuary. She spoke on usage of green corridor. She also shared the personal experience with the audience on how she could convince the family of donors.

    After the sessions all the officers picked the poster on Organ Donation & Role of Police and promised to paste it in their respective stations. The session went for 45 minutes.

    Questions asked during the session:

    1.Is brain death a legal death?

    2.What is green corridor?

    3.After brain death is it possible to donate organs to the relatives?

    4.Difference between Brain death and Coma?

    5.How the organs are given to the recipient?

    6.Who does declaration of brain death?



    MOHAN Foundation thanks Tamil Nadu Police Academy for organizing talk for the Inspectors and Sub-Inspectors.


    Source-S.V. Kavipriya
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