Ms. Pallavi Kumar invited by ICAI Abu Dhabi chapter to speak on Organ Donation

Updated on Monday, September 13, 2021
  • On September 07, 2021, an International Webinar on ‘LIVE LIFE GIVE LIFE’ was organized by ICAI- Institute Of Chartered Accountants Of India Abu Dhabi Chapter Limited (A company Limited By Guarantee and Registered in Abu Dhabi Global Market).


    Ms. Pallavi Kumar, Executive Director MOHAN Foundation was invited as an eminent speaker on Organ donation for the event.


    The opening remarks were delivered by CA Priyanka Birla, ICAI Abu Dhabi Chapter. She beautifully summed up the thoughts behind the webinar Give Life Live Life i.e. meaning of life is to give life meaning. CA Neeraj Ritolia, Chairman –ICAI Abu Dhabi Chapter welcomed the Guest of honour for the webinar Mr Sandeep Kumar Bayyapu, Deputy Chief of Mission- Embassy of India Abu Dhabi, UAE and all the eminent speakers.


    The Guest of Honour Mr Sandeep Kumar Bayyapu, Deputy Chief of Mission- Embassy of India Abu Dhabi, UAE expressed his pleasure to speak at the virtual meet. He shared how India-UAE share a cordial relationship in health sector, how the two countries supported each other in terms of medical needs during Covid-19. He congratulated ICAI for choosing the topic of organ/tissue donation as he said it was a very important area of work.


    The session remarks were delivered by Ms Uma Raman. She revealed how she decided to advocate for organ donation. It was her friend’s brother who was declared brain dead and the family decided to donate the organs of their loved one amid grief. She said it’s been six years and the recipient is living a healthy life.


    CA Manish Mohan introduced and welcomed the eminent speakers of the first session which included Dr Siddiq Anwar, Consultant Nephrologist Member, International Society Of Nephrology Middle East Board, Ms Pallavi Kumar, Executive Director MOHAN Foundation, India, and Mr Atul Agnihotri , Chief Growth Officer, Alliance for Paired Kidney donation.


    Dr. Siddiq Anwar in the first session gave insight on as to why Kidney disease amongst expatriate Indians is on rise. Dr Siddiq said we need to help expatriate Indians with kidney disease by creating an Alliance of likeminded ethical professionals and leaders in the society and a common platform so we can communicate and refer patients from the region. To create awareness and organise talks wherever possible on Chronic Kidney disease. To leverage the professionals of Indian origin and religious societies to raise awareness on organ donation and brain death. 


    This session was followed by “Concepts of Organ Donation” by Ms. Pallavi Kumar, Executive Director, MOHAN Foundation. Ms. Pallavi Kumar began by showing a moving video of a recipient who received a heart from a donor in 2018 and is living a healthy life. The recipient expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the family who gathered the courage to donate the organs of their loved one in such moment of grief. She focused on brain death and its meaning and not to confuse it with the coma, while in coma the person is legally alive but in brain dead the person is actually dead and the organs are alive by means of ventilator. She cleared which organs can be donated both in natural death and brain death. She threw light on the procedure for eye donation, a simple procedure of 20 minutes where corneas are retrieved. She said everyone at their level can promote eye donation. She stressed upon the training body of transplant coordinators who speak with families of brain dead patients and are efficiently trained by MOHAN Foundation. She shared the helpline number and said that it is in eight different languages. She spoke about the special program Anudaan- fund raising for those transplant patients who cannot afford it. She further said death is inevitable, do something once you are no more. She talked about the Dubai connection where five lives were saved as a result of multiple organ donation. She ended the session by sharing heart warming video of a donor family in which the daughter of donor is saying that, “their papa will live forever in different persons so we decided to donate his organs.”

    The last talk of the first session was delivered by Mr. Atul Agnihotri on “Paired kidney ‘Swap Transplant’ Donation Unlocking.”


    The presentations were followed by a Q&A session and was moderated by CA Monish Mohan, ICAI Abu Dhabi Chapter and the speakers addressed all the queries related to their talks. The session concluded by giving virtual certificate of appreciation to all speakers of the first session.

    Source-Ms. Shafia Hameed
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