Motivating Dialysis patients – a patient perspective on ‘Kidney Transplant and its impact on life: A positive approach’

Updated on Friday, March 11, 2022
  • On March 6, 2022, a Virtual Kidney Health and Dialysis Care Summit was organized by Nephroplus.  It was a knowledge forum on kidney health and dialysis care. Ms. Jaya Jairam was invited to speak on a session on ‘Kidney Transplant and the impact on life: A positive Approach’.

    Dialysis patients face many challenges concerning their physical health, financial burden and mental health. In all this, understanding and evaluating one’s options and playing an active role in one’s treatment and decision-making becomes important. Ms. Jaya Jairam highlighted this point precisely.

    She first shared her own story of how a kidney transplant gave her a second chance at leading a normal and good quality of life after having been detected with chronic kidney failure and having undergone dialysis. Thereafter, she encouraged the audience to objectively approach and understand the processes and options involved in kidney transplant and how they can go about it. She also shared that in case the patients felt too low to research and understand, they could involve a close family member or friend to analyze with them.

    She then discussed about the importance of constantly interacting with their nephrologists and also joining patient support groups like TRIOMPH so they can get empowered with the right set of information and also learn from other’s experiences.

    Ms. Jairam thereafter listed and shared a few common doubts/myths in the minds of patients considering a transplant, such as -

    • What is the success rate of kidney transplant?
    • How can I consider a transplant? It is so much more expensive than dialysis
    • Where can I get a donor?
    • What if I cannot afford a transplant?


    At the end of the session photos of the patients who were benefited through Anudaan was displayed to the audience. 750 members attended this session.


    Mr. Suresh Sankar of Nephroplus thanked Ms. Jaya Jairam for presenting a meaningful patient perspective of Kidney transplant and appreciated MOHAN Foundation’s activities in the field of organ donation.


    MOHAN Foundation thanks Nephroplus for the invitation to its summit.

    Source-Ms. Jaya Jairam
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