MOHAN Foundation was invited to conduct a talk on organ donation by the Rotary Club of Margao, Sunrise, Margao, Goa

Updated on Tuesday, March 26, 2024
  • On March 21, 2024, Mr. Gabriel from the MOHAN Foundation conducted an organ donation awareness talk at the monthly meeting of the Rotary Club of Margao, Sunrise, held at the B. P. S. Sports Club, Pajifond, Margao, Goa.


    Mr. Gabriel interacted with members of the club, showed a power point presentation about organ donation, explained the process of organ donation and the law, explained when a death occurs due to cardiac arrest or if a person passes away at home, which tissues could be donated, and only when a brain death is declared could eight organs be donated, which the members were happy to learn. He also explained how the organs were allocated and spoke about SOTTO-GOA, which was the only centre doing kidney transplants as of now. 45 patients were on the wait list for kidneys.


    He asked the members how many hospitals there were in Goa that they thought were transplant and retrieval centres; the members said Goa Medical College (GMC) and Manipal Hospital. Mr. Gabriel then shared that there was one more hospital, namely Healthway Hospital.


    Goa had four transplant hospitals, three for kidneys and two for corneas, namely, Goa Medical College (GMC), Manipal Hospital, and Healthway. ASG Eye Hospital and Healthway were corneal transplant centres.


    He also explained how one could pledge to donate organs by scanning the QR code and picking up the donor card at the event or by ticking the option on Form 2 stating their willingness to donate while applying for a driving licence or on renewal of the licence.


    In the end, Mr. Gabriel gave out flyers of the Foundation. He thanked Rtn. Sharon Dias, President; Rtn. Flory Gracias, Secretary; Rtn. Sandra Barreto, Treasurer; and everyone else who had invited him to the organ awareness talk.


    Close to 20 club members attended the talk, and six pledged to donate their organs. 

    Source-Mr. Gabriel
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