MOHAN Foundation gets recognized at eNGO Challenge, South Asia 2015

Updated on Monday, October 12, 2015
  • On October 9, 2015 MOHAN Foundation was invited as one of the finalist for eNGO Challenge, South Asia 2015 at Indian Habitat Centre, New Delhi.


    eNGO challenge is supported by Digital Empowerment Foundation and supported by Public Interest Registry. The main objectives of eNGO challenge are to to promote and encourage best internet practices by NGOs for community development and to create an ecosystem of NGOs that use internet tools and digital media for good governance while serving a community.


    MOHAN Foundation had applied for the same and was chosen as one of the finalist to present at eNGO challenge in the category of "Best use of Website and Internet tools". This category focuses on NGOs that are using website to showcase their activities, projects and local content to get networking and support from funding agencies. This category also welcomes NGOs that create awareness on certain issues through campaigning.


    Dr. Sunil Shroff presented a talk for 5 minutes where he explained how MOHAN Foundation makes use of internet to get touch with the public in terms of making them aware about organ donation and to keep a registry of the people who have confirmed to be organ donors. They are also in touch with the public through the mobile app of MOHAN Foundation. Dr. Sunil Shroff pointed out that how all the centers in MOHAN Foundation are well connected through the timely updates. The website also provides all the updated news and articles with regard to organ donation. On the home page itself one can see the video of R. Madhavan vouching for organ donation. All this makes a huge impression on the general public visiting the website. After going through the website if anyone is interested to vouch to be an organ donor they are also guided to register for a donor card.


    MOHAN Foundation got a special mention by the jury award in the category of Best use of Website and Internet tools at e NGO Challenge.


    The Foundation also set up an information booth at the event. Many people visited the stall during the course of the day to seek information, clear doubts and sign up for organ donation.


    Around 50 donor cards were picked up by the end of the say.

    Source-Ms. Marina Thomas


Posted By : Mukesh George, on Monday, October 12, 2015
A very good start with the first contribution of yours to the organization. I lost the most dynamic resource person of my team (you) but I look at it this way that wherever you are, you'll perform well. Great going Ms Marina Thomas...!
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