Lecture and stall on organ donation at Raman Science Center Expo - Day 5

Updated on Monday, January 18, 2016
  • MOHAN Foundation, Nagpur Center, conducted a deceased organ donation awareness talk in the Auditorium 2, Raman Science Center near Sukuruwari  Talab, Nagpur on 13 January 2016. Dr. K. M Kamble was guest speaker for the lecture. The talk was for students as well as teachers who visit to Raman Science Expo center.

    Dr. K. M. Kamble, Retd. Head of the Radiology Department Government Medical College gave information about the subject. He stressed the importance of understanding Brain death and of organ donation. He touched  upon the process of kidney transplant. He also explained the type of death and processes of Eye donation & Body donation; Importance of Organ transplant Act & Role of ZTCC in Organ Transplant. 150 students as well as teachers attended that talk. 1 student signed consent form and took donor card.

     The following questions were asked:-

    1. At what weight can a child receive a liver from an adult?

    2. What is liver cirrhosis and what are the symptoms of liver damage?

    2. What is the process of skin transplant how much times taken for recover?

    3. After natural death can a heart be transplanted?

    4. Are there any artificial organs used for transplant?


    Apart from the lecture an information stall was also set up for the fifth day. 1200 students as well as public attended at the stall. 4 students signed consent form and took donor card.

    Source-Bulu Behera
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