Awareness session on organ donation at Bain and Company, Cybercity, Gurgaon

Updated on Monday, January 18, 2016
  • On January 15, 2016, MOHAN Foundation was invited to Bain and Company, DLF Cyber City, Gurgaon to conduct an awareness session on organ donation.


     Bain & Company is a global management-consulting firm headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts. It provides advisory services to businesses, nonprofit organizations, and governments, and is one of the Big Three management-consulting firms.


    Bain India formed Bain Prayas to lead community initiatives, some of which are: Collaborating with NGOs to promote child education and Pro bono consulting to foundations like the Clinton Foundation - Bain consultants are working pro-bono with Dasra, a strategic philanthropy foundation, to help NGOs. It was under this initiative that MOHAN Foundation was invited to conduct an awareness session on organ donation. The talk was conducted in two places, Bain and Company India at building 8A, Cybercity and at Bain Capability Centre (BCC), building 10B Cybercity, Gurgaon. Mr Vardan Nagar, (Senior Associate Consultant, Bains & Company Ltd) took the initiative to organise these sessions. Dr. Muneet Kaur Sahi (Programme Manager, Delhi-NCR) conducted the sessions and Ms. Mareena Thomas (Programme Officer, Delhi-NCR) accompanied her.


    More than the altruistic element of organ donation the participants were interested in the technicalities of the process of organ donation. “Once the family gives consent for donation, does it need to go through a long procedure of filling the forms and the normal tedious ordeals that a common man has to face in a hospital setting?” asked one of the participants at the main consulting office of Bain and Co. Dr. Muneet applauded her for such a needed sensitive question and clarified that the whole process of organ donation is coordinated by the counselor/ transplant coordinator placed in that particular hospital. She also added once when the family agrees for donation the billing for them stops thereafter for the time the deceased is in the hospital till the completion of the procedure of organ donation. She also shared how the donor’s family feels great about the decision they took and keep in touch with the MOHAN Foundation volunteering to help promote this cause when needed.


    At the office of Bain Capability Centre, Dr. Muneet stressed on how talking about this cause is important. It happens to be that many among our group might have thought of organ donation or have experienced the same through one of their family members, but are unaware because people don’t think it as of an important subject that we must speak or talk about. After the session many of the participants came forward and shared on how they felt good to be able to talk about on a lifesaving subject. One of the participants also clarified her doubt if the body is mutilated after organ donation. Dr. Muneet clarified that the organs are retrieved from the body through a simple clean incision and the body is handed over to the family members completely dressed with utmost respect.


    30 participants attended the sessions and 50 donor cards were picked up.   

    Source-Ms. Mareena Thomas
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