Grass-root campaign for publicity of helpline in Chennai

Updated on Wednesday, June 1, 2022
  • Two interns at MOHAN Foundation conducted a one week (May 24 – 31, 2022) campaign to promote organ donation in small pockets of Chennai. Ms Divya Shanthi and Ms Sweetlyn, interns from MMM College of Health Sciences used one to one interaction to create awareness and publise the toll free helpline number.


    The awareness campaign was conducted in the following areas (Chennai west zone):

    1) Villivakkam bus depot

    2) Villivakkam bazaar

    3) G.K.M colony

    4) Poombhukar nagar

    5) Ambattur Industrial Estate


             The main objective was to educate and motivate people to support Organ Donation. They carried information pamphlets, badges, helpline publicity stickers, public survey sheets. It was an opportunity to understand what the people of Chennai think about organ donation. The information pamphlets were used to introduce the work of MOHAN Foundation and the concepts of Organ Donation.  


    On an average we covered 10-15  small shops, 20-30 general public, 5 auto drivers every day. With the consent the shopkeepers, posters were pasted on the premises and walls. Helpline publicity posters were also pasted on the auto-rickshaws and tempo van with the permission of the owners.

    They met people with different mind-sets on organ donation. Most of the people had negative opinion on organ donation due to their beliefs. Some of the common questions asked were:

    1. If I donate/pledge to donate my organs would you give me money?

    2. Can I donate my heart when I am alive?

    3. What is the procedure to pledge for organ donation?

        These queries were clarified. Altogether they spoke to 190 people and posted 80 helpline publicity posters during their campaign. 

    Source-Divyashanthi S and Sweetlyn Vashnee Geils
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