Organ Donation awareness talk for construction workers at Labour Camp, Wakad, Pune

Updated on Tuesday, May 31, 2022
  • On 30th, May, 2022, organ donation awareness talk was conducted by Mr. Jagdish Borude, at Labour Camp, Wakad, Pune.

    The talk was organised with the help of Mr Rajendra Shendge, Project Manager, Nirman foundation and Miss Sangeeta Jadhav, Transplant coordinator, ZTCC.The main aim of this talk was to make the construction workers aware about the noble cause of organ donation.

    Mr. Jagdish introduced himself and MOHAN Foundation, its mission and vision. He addressed the audience by asking a few questions on organ donation, elucidated the need and importance of organ donation, and engaged the audience with the presentation.

    The following topics were discussed briefly with the audience,

    1. Concept of organ & tissue donation
    2. Types of death- brain death and cardiac death
    3. Organs and tissues donated after brain death and circulatory death
    4. Why organ donation is important in India?
    5. How one can save lives of 8 people?
    6. Functioning of ZTCC
    7. How one can register in waiting list after organ failure?


    There were around 25 people who attended this talk. Mr. Jagdish thanked each one for their active participation and thanked the organizers.

    Source-Mr. Jagdish Borude
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