DSPs, Inspectors and Sub Inspectors of Tamil Nadu Police learn about Organ Donation

Updated on Saturday, September 8, 2018
  • The Tamil Nadu Police had organized a 3-day training programme for its DSPs, Inspectors and Sub Inspectors from various districts at the Tamil Nadu Police Academy, Vandalur, Chennai. MOHAN Foundation conducted 2 sessions of awareness programmes on organ donation on the 6th and 7th September afternoons for these officials. Mr. Ruban Victor, Transplant Coordinator and Mr. T. S. Siva Shankar, Helpline Executive represented MOHAN Foundation. The sessions were attended by 20 officers on both days.

    The sessions began with the officials filling out pre-survey forms in Tamil to help understand their level of familiarity on organ donation and transplantation. Following this, Mr. Siva Shankar introduced the concepts of organ donation and transplant through the following topics:

    • Organ donation and the need for it in our society
    • When can a person donate: while being alive, post cardiac death and post brain death
    • Brain death
    • Types of death and the laws governing them in India
    • Waitlist process for organ transplant in Tamil Nadu

    Mr. Ruban Victor who spoke on the role of police in Organ donation, began his segment with the question “who plays a major role in organ donation in general”?  The participants gave numerous responses before mentioning the most pertinent one – the police, hence allowing Mr. Ruban to talk about how the police should act when they receive calls from hospitals following accidents.

    He illustrated a step-by-step process with a scenario from Rajiv Gandhi Government General Hospital where a patient had donated his organs while Mr. Ruban was coordinating the transplant. He listed the various forms that would given by the transplant coordinator to the investigating police officer and its significance.

    The participants asked the following interesting questions :

    • Could pancreas be donated during life?
    • Do the police have a role to play when a head injury happens within a house?

    The sessions lasted for 1 hour on both days and were highly interactive. Posters containing information about brain death and the responsibilities of police officers were distributed as the programme concluded. A poster was also put up in front of the Cyber Lab where the session was conducted.

    MOHAN Foundation thanks the Tamil Nadu Police Academy for supporting this cause and also helping MOHAN Foundation to reach out to its many officers.

    Source-Siva Shankar T S
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