DMIHER Organ donation Society in association with MOHAN Foundation conducts a two-day workshop on 'Deceased Organ Donation: An Overview'

Updated on Tuesday, July 11, 2023
  • On the 5th and 6th July, 2023, the DMIHER Organ Donation Awareness Society (DODA) in collaboration with MOHAN Foundation, held an organ donation certification Workshop for members of the DODA Society from the 2019, 2020, and 2021 batches of Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College. Ms. Jaya Jairam, Project Director and Dr. Hemal Kanvinde, Quality Assurance Officer at MOHAN Foundation instructed the students on various topics relating to 'Making the Ask for Organ Donation' from a bereaved family.

    With the blessings of Hon’ble Chancellor DMIHER; Shri Dattaji Meghe & Hon’ble Pro Chancellor; Dr. Ved Prakash Mishra and the esteemed guidance of Hon’ble Vice Chancellor; Dr. Lalitbhushan Waghmare; Hon'ble Director IQAC; Dr Tripti Waghmare, Hon'ble Registrar; Dr. Sweta Pisulkar, Hon'ble Chief Medical Superintendent AVBRH; Dr. Chandrashekhar Mahakalkar, Dr. Abhay Gaidhane; Dean JNMC, Dr. Samarth Shukla; Vice Dean Academics, Dr. Ashish Anjankar; Director, Student Welfare Cell, the event was conducted with great success. The student organisers from the DODA Society were final year MBBS students; Agrima Arora, Somdutta Das, Saanthwana Ranjith, Gayathri Dileep and Tanisha Paramba.

    Day 1 - 5th July ’23 Inauguration:

    The program was inaugurated in the presence of Dr. Chandrashekhar Mahakalkar, Chief Medical Superintendent (AVBRH), Dr. Ajay Keoliya, Deputy Medical Superintendent (AVBRH), and Dr. Sandeep Srivastava, Program Director of the Global Cell (DMIHER) who felicitated the guests.

    Basic Concepts of Organ Donation and Transplantation:

    Ms. Jaya Jairam conducted the opening session, reiterating the basic concepts and definitions of organ donation, transplantation, its history, and the increasing demand for donors. 

    Understanding Brain Death:

    MOHAN Foundation's video on Brain Stem Death was shown, followed by a session by Dr. Sourya Acharya, HOD of the Medicine department (AVBRH). He described the concept of brain death, the methods of diagnosing brain death through reflex testing, and the differences between brain death and its common differential diagnoses. 

    Organ Donation and Transplant Law:

    Dr. Hemal Kanvinde explained the laws governing brain death, THOA 1994 and its Amendments, the governing bodies of organ transplantation, and the various forms that are required to be filled out prior to organ donation. Lastly, an interactive quiz on the topic was the perfect tool to keep the students excited and interested.

    Grief Counselling & Making the Ask:

    After a short break, an activity was conducted by MOHAN Foundation to understand the grief a bereaved family is going through. Thereafter, the stages of grief and the appropriate time to make the ask amidst the family’s grief was explained. The role of a transplant coordinator as a grief counsellor was elaborated on and the concept of empathy was impressed upon the students. 

    Approaching Families for Organ Donation:

    A video was shown, demonstrating the ideal and non-ideal ways to go about making the ask. The mistakes were explained and an appropriate method was depicted, giving the students a good understanding of the nuances involved in making the ask. 

    Liver Transplantation:

    Dr. Rahul Saxena, a liver transplant surgeon at New Era Hospital in Nagpur, explained the concept of liver transplantation. From the grading of liver damage for transplantation to depicting the actual surgical techniques used, he taught the students the intricacies of the topic expertly, using an illustrative video. 

    Kidney Transplantation:

    Dr. Abhijit Dhale, Urologist at SMSC, explained the concept of kidney transplantation from the commonest causes to the techniques used, the post-transplant risks and lifestyle modifications, and the statistics involved. 

    Tissue Donation Quiz:

    Lastly, to end the day, Dr. Hemal Kanvinde held a quiz on tissue donation via the online platform ‘Kahoot’. The students thoroughly enjoyed the questions and competed with each other in a fun sort of way. 

    Day 2 - 6th July ’23

    Your Friend in Organ Donation & Transplantation:

    Ms. Jaya Jairam elaborated on the role of a transplant coordinator, from the logistics that they handle during the actual donation to their role as a grief counselor while making the ask. Further she explained the multitude of tasks that they juggle in order to ensure that the donor families suffer the least amount of inconvenience while the recipients receive the organs in time. 

    The Role of ZTCC:

    Next, Mrs. Veena Wathore, Chief Transplant Coordinator at the Zonal Transplant Coordination Centre (ZTCC), Nagpur arrived to explain the role played by the ZTCC. From the history of the ZTCC to its collaboration with central bodies like NOTTO, ROTTO and SOTTO, to the transplant lists, and case studies of organ recipients, the students were able to appreciate the immense work done by the ZTCC. 

    Protocols in Hospitals - Deceased Organ Donation:

    Dr. Hemal Kanvinde conducted an interesting activity that assigned each student to a role involved in the protocol for organ donation. The activity ensured that the students could appreciate not only the number of people involved, but also the role each person played at various steps of the process. 

    Life of a Kidney Transplant Recipient:

    Ms. Jaya Jairam, a kidney recipient herself, explained the circumstances behind her transplant and invited questions from the audience to understand the challenges and changes involved. It was an inspirational talk and gave a very clear idea of the concepts that had only been discussed theoretically prior.

    Ethical Aspects of Organ Donation & Transplantation:

    Ms. Jaya Jairam explained the ethical hurdles behind organ transplantation and presented a variety of case studies that she posed to the audience. There was a healthy debate and ideas brought up by students regarding organ transplantation in criminals, addicts, and children, and advertisements and medical tourism for the purpose of organ transplantation.

    Saving Lives through Whole Body Donation:

    Dr. Hemal Kanvinde described the concept of whole-body donation, its procedure, use and hurdles. Further she elaborated on the Visible Human Project and showed a video of Susan Potter, a significant and well known contributor to the whole-body programme. 

    Presentation by ODA Society Members:

    The student members formed groups of 5 and gave a presentation on pre-decided topics:

    • Pros and Cons of Opt-out System of Organ Donation in India
    • Instruments for Pledging Organs- Their Applications in Promoting Organ Donation Effectively3. End of Life Care Conversations by Doctors Irrespective of Organ Donation - A Need of the Hour
    • Neonatal and Pediatric Organ Donation: Ethical Perspectives and Implications
    • Genetically modified animal organs - Legal and Ethical Issues

    Their work was judged by a distinguished panel of judges including Dr. Sandeep Iratwar, HOD of Neurosurgery (SMSC), Dr. Manish Balwani, HOD of Nephrology (SMSC) and Dr. Kapil Sejpal, Department of Nephrology (SMSC).

    Panel Discussion:

    A panel discussion on the topic ‘Building Organ Donation Champions amongst Healthcare Professionals’ was moderated by Dr. Hemal Kanvinde and Ms. Jaya Jairam. The panellists included Dr. Sandeep Iratwar, HOD of Neurosurgery (SMSC), Dr. Manish Balwani, HOD of Nephrology (SMSC), Dr. Kapil Sejpal, Department of Nephrology (SMSC), Dr. Sanjot Ninave, Department of Anesthesiology (SMSC), Dr. Ajay Keoliya, Deputy Medical Superintendent (AVBRH) and Dr. Vitthal Shinde, Transplant Coordinator (AVBRH). They showcased their expertise by answering questions regarding empowering health workers, donor families and doctors to become organ donation champions.


    The students were certified in the presence of Honourable Pro- Vice Chancellor (DMIHER),Dr. Gaurav Mishra, and the guest speakers. Ms. Jaya Jairam and Dr. Hemal Kanvinde were also felicitated and a vote of thanks was rendered.

    The workshop was held in Sushrut Lecture Hall, JNMC and the following students were certified by MOHAN Foundation:

    Founder: Dr. Vishwin Doda

     2019 batch:

    • Aayushi Bhatnagar
    • Agrima Arora
    • Diya Israni
    • Gayathri Dileep
    • Harshil Krishnani
    • Nisha Mariam Thomas
    • Saanthwana Ranjith
    • Somdutta Das
    • Tanisha Paramba 10. Vivek Reddy Velagala

    2020 batch:

    • Anshika Agrawal
    • Aparna Nashine
    • Gauri Kakar
    • Kritika Gaur
    • Rishika More
    • Rohit Sahu
    • Samruddhi Borse
    • Shashank Subhara
    • Soumya Pamnani
    • Vasudha Pasari

    2021 batch:

    • Aniruddha Soni
    • Devansh Pachade
    • Divya Singhai
    • Shreya Agrawal
    • Vani Malhotra


    • Annie Fatima Siddiqui
    • Arpit Jain
    • Labdhi Rathod
    • Yash Mehta

    Source-Ms. Jaya Jairam
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