Critical Care Workshop on Brain Death and Organ Donation held in BJ GMC & Sassoon Hospital, Pune

Updated on Monday, September 9, 2019
  • A  Critical Care Workshop on Brain Death and Organ Donation was held in BJ GMC & Sassoon Hospital, Pune on 24th August 2019. The faculty members Dr Urvi Shukla, Dr Abhijeet Deshmukh from Ruby Hall Clinic, Mrs. Lalitha Raghuram, Country Director, MOHAN Foundation and Dr. Sumana Navin, Course Director from MOHAN Foundation were invited for the workshop. The workshop coordinators were Dr Jimmy Gupta, Mr. Akash Salve and Mrs Jaya Jairam.

    Registration desk was handled by Dr. Jimmy. About 110 delegates registered including Doctors, Nurse Educators, ICU Nursing staffs, Transplant Coordinators and Social workers working in the field of Organ Donation. All the delegates were provided with a manual on Brain Death & Organ Donation.

    The program was introduced & briefed by Dr. Sumana Navin & Mrs Lalitha Raghuram. Dr. Sumana Navin explained about the legal framework for deceased organ donation in India. Mrs. Lalitha Raghuram elaborated about the statistics of need of Organs & deceased Organ Donation in India

    Dr. Urvi Shukla spoke about Brain stem death testing including Brain stem reflexes and apnoea test. A simulation film on Brain stem death testing was shown to the participants get in-depth knowledge about the process.

    After the tea break Dr. Abhijeet Deshmukh took brainstorming session using Real life scenarios exploring common pitfalls like brain deaths mimics, spinal reflexes and Ancillary testing.

    The inauguration was held by guest of honour Dr. Murlidhar Tambe (Deputy Dean), Dr. Ajay Chandawale (J.J Hosp Dean), Dr. Ajay Tawre (Medical Superintendent), Dr. S A Sangle (HOD Medicine), Mrs Jaya Jairam, Dr Sumana Navin & Mrs Lalitha Raghuram by Lighting a Lamp.

    Mrs. Lalitha Raghuram felicitated Dr. Murlidhar Tambe with plant saplings & Compendium Book of the experience shared by MOHAN Foundation Counselors. Dr. Murlidhar Tambe felicitated all the speakers with plant saplings & Compendium Book. Dr. Ajay Chandawale (Dean, J.J Hospital) spoke very positively supporting Deceased Organ Donation & also thanked MOHAN Foundation for the tremendous job done in the field of Organ Donation.

    Dr. Murlidhar Tambe spoke very positively in supporting the Deceased Organ Donation Program & he also mentioned about the upward progress happening in the program. Dr. S A Sangle spoke enthusiastically about this workshop & thanked MOHAN Foundation for conducting a session on Organ Donation. Mrs. Lalitha Raghuram spoke about the mission & vision behind conducting these kind of workshops & also spoke about our supporters SBI Foundation & SBI DFHI Ltd.

    After lunch, Dr. Urvi Shukla took an interactive session using case studies on maintenance of a potential brain dead donor. Dr. Sumana Navin, Dr Urvi  Shukla & Dr. Jimmy conducted an activity on Role allocation with the group of participants including Doctors, ICU Nursing staffs, Transplant Coordinators and Social workers working in the field of Organ Donation.

    Mrs. Aarti Gokhale spoke about the formation of MFCOT and ZTCC. She spoke about the objectives, functions, members of ZTCC and ZTCC branches. She elaborated the key functions & responsibilities of ZTCC under the guidance of MFCOT. She informed about the Digital transformation of Patient Registration Process.

    After the tea break Dr. Abhijeet Deshmukh spoke on Maintenance of a potential brain dead donor. Then Mrs. Lalitha Raghuram showed participants a Film on Approaching Family for Organ Donation – A film on Good Approach & Bad Approach.

    After the film was played Mr. Akash Salve performed a Role play simulating family counselling for Organ Donation along with a group of volunteers so that participants can realize what mistakes they may make during grief counselling and abstain from them.

    Lastly the valedictory function and certificate distribution was done. Dr. S A Sangle (HOD Medicine), Mrs. Jaya Jairam, Dr. Sumana Navin & Mrs. Lalitha Raghuram jointly gave certificates to all the participants.

    Source-Dr. Jimmy Gupta
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