Awareness Talk on Organ Donation at College of Engineering, Trivandrum

Updated on Wednesday, July 24, 2013
  • An awareness talk on organ donation was held at the Alumni Association Hall, College of Engineering(CET), Trivandrum on 22nd July, 2013. The Department of Mechanical Engineering, CET had invited Mrithasanjeevani, Kerala Network for Organ Sharing (KNOS) to organise the event. Mr. Aneesh P V, Transplant Coordinator, MOHAN Foundation, Kerala on behalf of KNOS conducted the session.


    The welcome address was delivered by Ms. Pooja, Mechanical Department, CET. Followed by Dr. Sheela S, Principal, CET, Trivandrum; Dr. Sivakumar, Head of Department, Mechanical Department, CET, Trivandrum and Dr. Rajkumar, President, Mechanical Department, CET, Trivandrum addressed the gathering.


    The session by Mr. Aneesh P V covered the following topics: types of organ donation – live and deceased; difference between brain death and coma; the organs that can be donated after brain death; the organs that can be donated after cardiac death; about the Transplantation of Human Organs Act, 1994 and about the Mrithasanjeevani, KNOS website.


    Around 200 students were present at the event. Every student actively participated in the session. Few of the questions raised were: with the development of stem cell regenerative therapy why is it still important for organ donation to take place, what is the procedure for cadaver transplantation and how organs are being allocated.


    At the end, donor cards and brochures were distributed to every participant. About 75% of them pledged their organs and promised to carry the donor card with them. The vote of thanks was delivered by Mr. Nithin B K, Mechanical Department, CET, Trivandrum. 

    Source-Aneesh P V
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