Awareness Session on Organ Donation at Vashi Police Station, Navi Mumbai

Updated on Saturday, May 26, 2018
  • MOHAN Foundation Mumbai was invited by Senior Inspector Mr. Geete for an organ donation awareness talk at Vashi Police Station, Navi Mumbai, on 7th May 2018.

    After sharing a brief introduction about MOHAN Foundation and its activities, Mrs. Jigisha Yadav explained the concept of organ donation.  

    When asked as to what came to their minds about Organ Donation, the police personnel responded with positive as well as some negative views. The concept of organ donation was introduced, types of organs and tissues that can be donated, types of death, the concept of brain death, difference between brain death and comma. She also discussed the various myths and facts for organ donation. Information about organ allocation, and distribution were also shared. Toll Free No of MOHAN Foundation was introduced.

    Mr. Santosh Sorte, Transplant Co-ordinator, Apollo Hospitals who was invited by us, explained the legal aspects and the actual role of police in Medico Legal cases resulting in brain death.

    A lot of queries were asked regarding the role of police in the process of organ donation as well as the process of registration on the waiting list. Mr. Santosh Sorte and Mrs. Jigisha Yadav solved their queries.

    Quite a few among the police took the Pledge to donate their organs while some picked up forms for further signups. Finally, Mr. Geete requested all the police to understand the subject of organ donation and be aware as they may come across many such cases. He also thanked Mrs. Jigisha Yadav and Mr.Santosh Sorte and MOHAN Foundation for sharing valuable information with the police. He invited us to conduct such talks regularly, for sentisizing the police as their staff changes regularly.  

    We wish to thank the Vashi Police, especially Mr.Geete for their wonderful support to the cause of organ donation.

    Source-Mrs.Jigisha Yadav
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