Village BDO creates awareness on Organ Donation with help from MOHAN Foundation

Updated on Saturday, July 1, 2017
  • Mr. B.W. Yawale Block Development Officer (BDO at Karanja) had visited MOHAN Foundation office, Nagpur a couple of months back to meet Dr. Ravi Wankhede in order to organize a talk on Organ donation & transplantation at Karanja,Wardha District, Maharashtra. Following this, the event was organized on 28th June 2017 at the newly constructed BDO for its employees and village people. Mr. Nilesh Charham Karanja Block teacher welcomed Dr.Ravi Wankhede. Present on the occasion were TikaramjiGhagre, Ms. Ranjanatai Tivle (Vice-President), Ms. Sangitatai Dhovade, Mr. Bagade and other prominent people of Karanja.

    Dr. Ravi Wankhede gave an insight about the subject in a comprehensive manner. He stressed the importance of organ donation which helped to save several people through a PowerPoint presentation. He told that the organs and tissues which could be donated by living people and also after natural death and after brain death. He explained about brain death and the cause of brain death. He explained how people who are brain dead can help save the lives of eight people. He said organ donation after brain death is common in developed countries, but in India the number is extremely less. This he said was because people are not aware. He also said people have the misconception that religions do not allow organ donation. Dr. Wankhede informed that all religions allow organ donation as an act of high charity.

    Dr. Wankhede informed about the process of organ donation and its distribution. About 70 employees & village people attended the session. 16 people signed the consent form and others took a consent form to discuss with their families. Those who signed the pledge form were given Organ Donor Cards by Mr. Bulu Behera, Transplant Coordinator, MOHAN Foundation. At the end of the talk Mr. Yawale thanked Dr. Wankhede for enlightening the people on a very important topic. He asked Dr. Wankhede to send some matter for display so that people who visit the office would get some idea. He requested Dr. Wankhede to give some pamphlets so that if anybody is desirous of pledging could be given the forms.

    At the end of the lecture Dr. Ravi Wankhede interacted with the employees & village people. During the interaction they raised the following queries.

    1) How many people have signed the consent form till now?

    2) How much time is taken for eye donation?

    3) What is the difference between organ and tissue?

    Source-Bulu Behera
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