Organ donation talk at Good Friday Mass in Risen Christ church in Chennai

Updated on Saturday, April 15, 2017
  • MOHAN Foundation was invited for an awareness program on organ donation on the occasion of Good Friday in Risen Christ Church in Peravallur on 14th April 2017. It was organized by Mr. Roger Ruther Ford.

    As the program was on Good Friday there were many people who attended the mass and the session. Mr. Siva Shankar represented MOHAN Foundation.  The program started sharp at 11 am. Mr. Siva Shankar explained about what, when and how of organ donation to the audience. The public was really interested to know about this new thing. He explained every topic on organ donation such as when the organs can be donated, what is Brain Death etc so that everyone will know about the social cause.

    As the program ended there was a lot of discussion. The Church is in the outskirts of Chennai, MOHAN Foundation came to know about the public perception on organ donation.


    1. The organs will be taken and used for illegal activities.
    2. Public have lot of inhibition on organ donation that they want MOHAN Foundation to confirm that organs will be taken out of the body after death.
    3. As the people have bad habit of smoking and drinking, they are not coming forward to pledge their organs.

    There were around 250 people who attended the program and 70 people registered to become organ donors.

    MOHAN Foundation thanks Mr. Roger Ruther Ford for giving the opportunity to speak about this social cause and he has given a word that he will publish the helpline number of organ donation in whichever program the church conducts.

    Source-Siva Shankar T. S.
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