Organ Donation awareness campaign for National Cadet Corps, Kanchipuram District

Updated on Tuesday, May 8, 2018
  • The National Cadet Corps organized a five day camp for the cadets from different schools of Kanchipuram District. Col. Pankaj Sharma on behalf of the NCC Kanchipuram District had invited MOHAN Foundation for an awareness campaign on organ donation on 7th May 2018. There were more than five hundred cadets in that camp. Mr. T. S. Siva Shankar Helpline Executive, gave an introduction talk regarding organ donation and MOHAN Foundation. Following his talk Mr. Britzer Paul an intern from JIPMER gave the awareness talk. The basic information on organ donation such as the type of donors, the law towards safe practice for organ donation and their punishments, organs that can be donated in different types of death and difference between coma and brain death were explained to the cadets.

    The cadets who participated in the awareness programme where highly involved in the campaign. There were many interesting question that the cadets asked. Some of the interesting questions were as follows:

    1. Can organ be donated by babies?
    2. Are the punishments same even if higher officers indulge in malpractices?
    3. Can organs be donated from animals?
    4. Waiting lists are based on what criteria; either as first come basis or severity of the disease?
    5. Where should we go and register for whole body donation?

    More than the questions, the young cadets were aware regarding organ donation. They were able to reason out to whom the skin donations can be done, the differences between brain death and coma, the punishment towards mal-practice, organs that can be given after circulatory death and brain death. They were also willing to sign the donor card. The information on how to become an organ donor was explained in detail. Thus, the awareness campaign for the young cadets was very productive for their motivation towards organ donation.

    Source-Britzer Paul
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