Donor Memorial

  • Mr. Vinay Balkrishna  Shetye - 72 Years

    On December 20, 2021, Ms Jaya Jairam received a call from a relative of the deceased, Mr Vinay Balkrishna Shetye, 72 years who resided at Chunabhatti, Sion (Mumbai). He suffered a cardiac arrest that early morning at his residence. The relative was a doctor and she informed Ms. Jaya, that the daughters of the deceased were on their way to Mumbai, and that they were very keen to donate their father's organs, as it was his wish and they absolutely wanted to honour their father's wish.

    Ms. Jaya gave her condolences and enquired about the time and cause of death. Upon ensuring that there were no contraindications to donation, she advised the relative that corneas and skin could be donated at home. They were not keen for whole body donation as they wished to perform further rites and rituals. Upon receipt of the death certificate copy, she coordinated with Bacchuali Eye Bank, Parel and Masina Skin Bank, Byculla. The whole procedure took place smoothly, thanks to total cooperation from the keen family members.

    "Thank you. We really appreciate the promptness and help from your organisation" said the relative (who was a doctor) of the deceased.

    It was his last wish and we wanted to honour it. He was truly a great man, best father, fabulous husband and an awesome friend¯ said Ms. Swapnali Sachdeva, the elder daughter of Mr.Shetye.

    "Masina Hospital skin bank has successfully conducted skin retrieval today at Chunabhatti. Our special thanks to MOHAN Foundation who organised this" shared teh skin bank official.

    MOHAN Foundation salutes the donor Mr Vinay Shetye and his family for enabling the gift of sight to two persons through corneal donation and for saving the lives of burn victims through skin donation.


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