Donor Memorial

  • Mr. Reghuraman   - 23 Years

    Mr. Reghuraman a 23 year old young man, was a graduate in Maths. He belonged from the place where the Thambarani River runs (Thirunelveli). He was known for his goodness and helping nature. Always he put himself first to help others¯ mentioned Mr. Raja Singh, his elder brother.

    One fine afternoon while he was having food, suddenly Reghuraman fell down. Immediately he was taken to Government Medical College, Trivandrum, where he was hospitalized. In spite of giving taking all steps to save him, he went into coma. On 20th February 2014 he was declared brain dead.

    The family - uncle, aunt and elder brother were informed about Reghuraman. The family was shocked, and was not able to accept the fact that their young boy would never return. Even though in grief, Mr. Raja Singh himself came forward and said that My brother is no more at least let his organs live long¯.

    Next day Reghuraman's organs, Kidney(2), Liver(1) and Corneas (2) were transplanted to five different people and his soul reached heaven.

    Place : Trivandrum

    Father's Name          :Mr. Paul Durai

    Brother's Name      : Mr. Raja Singh


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