Donor Memorial

  • Mrs. Suriya Gandhi   - 50 Years

    Mrs. Suriya Gandhi, 50 years was a loving mother of three children and a wonderful person. After her husband Mr. Munusamy passed away she took the responsibility of providing the need for the family and she was the only hope for the family. On 11th September 2013 she asked her younger son, Mr. Murgan, to drop her off at a nearby shop to buy vegetables. Unfortunately she fell from the bike on the spot, she started to bleed from her ears, initially she was taken to hospital near Chengalpattu then referred to Rajiv Gandhi Government General Hospital. After three days of treatment, she was declared brain dead on 13th September 2013.

    Her death was a big shock for her family members and they were not able to accept their loss. Though they were in grief her son Murugan wanted to donate his mother's organs. His words were that his loving mother will give second chance of life to 3 people by donating her organs and prove that she is a real mother.

    Mrs. Suriya Gandhi's liver and kidneys were donated. By their gesture, the family supported the noble cause and they saved the lives of organ failure patients.

    Place : Chennai

    Son's Name             : Mr. Murugan


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