Webinar cum Interactive session,Meet the Warrior, Mr. Abhijit Verma ''conducted by TRIOMPH- a patient support group launched by MOHAN FOUNDATION.

Updated on Thursday, January 11, 2024
  • On 9th December 2023, an interactive session, “Meet the warrior- Ms.Abhijit Verma” wasconducted by TRIOMPH - a Patient Support Group launched by MOHAN Foundation. Thissession was conducted as a motivational program for transplant recipients.
    Dr. Aanchal Makhija (Patient Support Group Counsellor) moderated this entire session. She welcomed the audience while introducing the key speaker and also gave a brief introduction to TRIOMPH. TRIOMPH is an acronym for Transplant Recipients of India and Organ failure Patients – a Movement to Provide Hope. TRIOMPH main objectives are Education, Support and Advocacy for its Patient Community and Caregivers. She began by talking about the importance of taking care of self post-transplant, so as to preserve thesecond chance of life that has been possible through organ transplant. 
    The Key speaker- Mr. Abhijit Verma(Conscious Capitalist), is a recipient of Heart from adeceased donor. In 2010, when he was preparing for a marathon, he identified some symptoms like stomach pain and it is then when he was diagnosed with Tachycardia and Cardiomyopathy. He shared his journey has been difficult in terms of finance and in terms of deciding for the transplant but his attitude towards life has always been to enjoy every moment. He expressed his journey was painful as he had to go to regular hospital visits for removal of accumulated fluids. He used to find it difficult to move as well as there was severe pain in his legs.In 2016 he got his transplant done when his heart had almost stopped working and he was admitted in the ICU. His post transplant recovery was smooth and quick but he shared that hestruggled a lot in getting jobs post transplant. Corporate acceptance was a challenge he facedpost transplant thought he felt absolutely normal and high in energy levels but he felt helpless. It is when he realized to create jobs and he started his own venture of real estate.
    Post transplant, he had worked in the venture with his partner and raised around 10,000 crore capitals and currently, he has projects in multiple cities and working for rural projects andspreading awareness as well. He concluded by sharing, “More than physical, it is a mental game. Also he is in a journey to make a phenomenal difference in the world and touch people’s lives” He also added, “There is no plan B, plan C, plan D, there is only plan A which is also planned by God”.On asking upon the secret formula for his good health and balance between work and health post transplant he gave all the credit to his wife and shared the importance of family supportand caregiver. He also expressed that more often caregiver’s efforts goes in vain and unnoticed so it is important to pay gratitude to them.
    Some of the important takeaway message included -

    1. Do not be complacent after 2 years of the transplant

    2. Take care of your health as it is your second life3. Be aware and vigilant of the signs of your body.

    A lot of questions were asked by the attendees, such as -

    1. Are there any complications or CMV infections faced after 6 years of transplant?

    2. How to manage food and water during travel

    He answered he consumes hot food from good place while he is travelling or he stays in good hotels and speak to chefs directly for well cooked food. As regards to the water consumption he usually takes boiled water at home and while travelling, he prefers bottled water.This session was conducted on Zoom and also broad casted live on Facebook and YouTube channels of MOHAN Foundation. There were around 20 participants on Zoom and YouTube had 5 participants. The YouTube video has around 85 views as on date of this report. MOHAN Foundation thanks SBI Foundation  for supporting this initiative. Appreciation and gratitude to Mr. Abhijit Verma for sharing her inspiring story.

    Source-Aanchal Makhija
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