Viscom Department of St. Joseph College of Arts and Science supports Organ Donation

Updated on Wednesday, July 11, 2018
  • MOHAN Foundation was invited by Mr. E. M. Murugan, Head of Department - Visual Communication department of St. Joseph College of Arts and Science on 09th July 2018 at 12:30 PM. Mr. T. S. Siva Shankar, Helpline Executive conducted the session.

    The session was mainly focused for the students of Visual Communication to get detailed information of Organ donation as the students were interested in participating in the Tamil Nadu Art Festival on Organ Donation.

    Mr. Siva Shankar started the talk by explaining the activities of MOHAN Foundation and the organs that can be donated while living and after death. He explained the need for organ donation and the people waiting in the waiting list.

    He further explained the law which Indian government enacted to legalize Organ Donation. He gave detailed information on what is Brain Death and its causes, age criteria on Organ donation, Myths on Organ Donation and completed the session with the importance of taking a donor card and supporting organ donation.

    The session was attended by 80 students from the visual communication department. Some questions asked by the students:

    1. Why the identity of donor is not revealed to the recipient?
    2. What is the difference Coma and Brain Death?
    3. What if my family does not accept for donation?

    The session went on 1 hour and every question was answered by Mr. Siva Shankar. MOHAN Foundation thanks St. Joseph College of Arts and Science and wishes them the best for their participation in Art Festival. 

    Source-Siva Shankar T. S.
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