Synchrony Dialogues with MOHAN Foundation - “Religion and Organ Donation”

Updated on Wednesday, October 21, 2020
  • On October 14, 2020, MOHAN Foundation organized a Synchrony Dialogues webinar titled, “Religion and Organ Donation” to affirm that no religion forbids the practice of organ donation and transplantation. This webinar was led as a feature of following up the huge number of audiences who are presently cognizant about organ donation after the broadcast of the KBC Karamveer episode on Sony Entertainment Television.


    Mr. Sudhir Dewan, Honorary Director, MOHAN Foundation, Chandigarh, welcomed the audience and gave a brief introduction about himself and Dr. Ravi Wankhede, Honorary Director & Centre Head, MOHAN Foundation, Nagpur. He shared with the audience that Dr. Ravi is a live kidney donor who had donated his kidney to save the life of his Muslim friend and that it was an inter-religion donation. He said that every religion promotes saving the lives of others. He then gave a statistical overview of people with religious diversities, living in Haryana (the majority of people are Hindus), Chandigarh  (people of diverse religions live in this city), Himachal (90-95% people are Hindus), Punjab (over 60% are Sikhs), Jammu & Kashmir- (90% are Muslims) and said that despite these religious diversities, there are so many organ donations happening in the northern part of India. He also mentioned that in Chandigarh city the prevalence of both organ donation and transplantation is comparatively higher than the other places in India. Mr. Sudhir said that no one thinks of religious aspects when it comes to donation. And, as an instance he added, “if a person is admitted to a hospital in a critical state and needs blood, will any of us be curious to know which religion the person who donated the blood belongs to? None of us will even consider it. And the person who had donated blood is no one but a human. What’s more, there is no stamp stuck to that person’s blood corresponding to his religious background.” All of his comments indicated that organ donation and transplantation is an act that is beyond religion. Mr. Sudhir also said that he is a liver recipient and that he is alive today only because of that. And added that he is very grateful to his son-in-law, a follower of Jainism, who had donated a part of liver to him.


    The other key points that were addressed: 

    • There are no religious laws that stop Hindus from organ and tissue donation
    • Few Muslim Ulamas / Muftis and some Asian religions may prefer only living donation
    • Hindu mythology involves traditions that support the use of body parts to benefit others
    • Indian Philosophy says that death is just the beginning of another life and the body is for the use of others
    • Through organ donation, you will always be remembered by the world especially by the ones who are alive because of you
    • Every religion of the world permits organ donation & transplantation as a service to mankind
    • Organ donation is an individual decision
    • Acceptance by predominant religions such as Hinduism, Islam & Christianity on principles of organ donation


    The session involved a Q & A time, in which the audience came up with some interesting questions. To name a few:

    • I want to be part of serving this noble cause, what can I do?
    • I have pledged my organs through MOHAN Foundation, but I am worried about how the organization would get to know about the time of my demise?
    • I want to be a part of your organization and contribute by spreading awareness on organ donation, how can I do that?
    • I am 20 years old and I want to donate my organs? How can I do that?


    Dr. Satya Vrat Sharma, Advisory Member, MOHAN Foundation from UK appreciated the speakers on their sharing about Religion and Organ Donation. He said, “There is nothing greater than this humanitarian act of donating organs. There is a huge need in spreading the right information to people about religious views on organ donation. I have read a verse from the Quran meaning that if a person saves even one person’s life then it is equal to saving the whole planet. Powerful quotes and messages like these should be spread among people across the world. There is no such religion that contradicts organ donation.”


    Mr. Sudhir wrapped up the session by saying that “let us all consider religion as helping others through the priceless Gift of Life.” 


    Click here to watch the video.

    Source-Ms. Elizabeth Prasanna
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