Public Awareness talk on Organ Donation on Republic day

Updated on Saturday, January 28, 2023

    On 26th of January, in the spirit of Republic day, Mr. Shriram Narasimhan and Mrs. Sumathi Shriram invited us to their residential society in Bhandup for a public education awareness talk on organ donation.


    The following team of MOHAN Foundation was present at the site -


    1.  Mr. Jagdish Borude, Transplant Coordinator and Project head, JJ Hospital Mumbai
    2. Ms. Bhagyashree Nighot, Transplant Coordinator, GMC, Nagpur
    3. Ms. Simran Sachdeva, Transplant Coordinator, Sassoon General Hospital, Pune
    4. Ms. Shamika, Project Assistant, Mumbai
    5. Intern - Ratnabhushan Wadve
    6. Intern - Rushikesh Kalel


    Ms. Jaya Jairam started the Organ Donation talk with a general Introduction of herself and the organisation, informing the people present there the full form of the acronym MOHAN Foundation. A show of hands was taken to get an understanding of the present knowledge of the people present there regarding organ donation, brain death, cardiac death and other relevant terms related to transplantation, before the awareness talk.


    She then discussed the following points presented on a PPT Presentation -


    1. Concept of organ donation and tissue donation
    2. Concept and definition of Brain death
    3. Types of death- Brain death and cardiac death
    4. Organs and tissues donated after brain death and circulatory death
    5. Why is organ donation important in India?
    6. How one can save lives of 8 people
    7. How one can register in waiting list after organ failure
    8. THOA and THOTA act


    The general public present there consisted of middle aged persons and senior citizens.

    The talk was interactive in nature and a lot of individuals asked questions during the talk as well as post the talk during the Q&A session.

    Source-Ms. Simran Sachdeva
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