Police officer donates his wife's organs to save five people

Updated on Wednesday, June 23, 2010
  • Sri. Chalam is a Deputy Superintendent of Police at the Police Training Centre, Kadapa.  His wife, Poola Vijaya Gowri, who is a School Science Assistant in Kurnool was walking home on 19th  June night, when an auto rickshaw hit her from behind and ran away.  When she fell down unconscious, she was immediately rushed to Kurnool General Hospital, where the doctors advised that she be shifted to a hospital in Hyderabad.  She was immediately rushed to Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences (KIMS), Hyderabad. 


    Vijaya Gowri was put on ventilator and the doctors tried their best to save her life.  Unfortunately, she did not survive and was pronounced “brain dead” on the evening of 21st June.  On hearing the news, her daughters were completely shattered.  Although Sri. Chalam tried to remain composed, he could hardly bear to hear that his dear wife is no more.  At around 3.30 pm., MOHAN Foundation’s CEO, Mr. K. Raghuram along with Dr. Purna, Transplant Coordinators at KIMS, motivated Sri. Chalam and urged him to donate his wife’s organs so that she could continue to live on in at least five people.  Although he sought time to think it over, he was sure that he wanted to see his wife live in five people.  Quite promptly, Sri. Chalam consented to donate Vijaya Gowri’s organs on the morning of 22nd June.   Vijaya Gowri’s kidneys, liver and eyes were retrieved and transplanted on needy patients on the night of 22nd June itself. 


      Sri. Chalam said, “I am a police officer and it is my duty to serve people. My wife is a very pious and a socially conscious lady.  If I have got an opportunity to save five patients’ lives through my wife’s organs, I would consider this as a great opportunity to serve people.  This is something she would have liked very much”.  Our salutations to the Police Officer and his wife.


    This is the fourth organ donation in the last 20 days, and becomes the 91st organ donation facilitated by MOHAN Foundation. 


    So far, MOHAN Foundation has acted as a catalyst in retrieval of following organs in AP

    Kidneys - 168

    Livers - 64

    Heart valves -  32

    Hearts - 8

    Eyes -222

    Pancreas.  - 1

    Source-K. Raghuram


Posted By : Mr Paschal, on Monday, June 28, 2010
May Her Soul Rest In Peace Amen
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