Patient education workshop (support group meeting) on kidney transplant for dialysis patients and caregivers at Accord Super specialty Hospital, Faridabad

Updated on Wednesday, July 20, 2022
  • On July 16, 2022, MOHAN Foundation and its Patient Support Group- TRIOMPH (Transplant Recipients of India and Organ failure patients – a Movement to Provide Hope) conducted an interactive face to face workshop in Hindi on “Everything you need to know about Kidney Transplants”,at Accord Hospital, Faridabad. The workshopwas supported by SBI Foundation&SBI Cards and Sanofi.


    Dr. Muneet Kaur Sahi (Program Manager, MOHAN Foundation, NCR) began by introducing MOHAN Foundation and TRIOMPH - patient support group. She then discussed the various challenges faced by the dialysis patients and shared that there was an opportunity for the patients to lead a normal, good quality life - through kidney transplant. Thereafter, she shared information on:-


    • Types of donors - living and deceased
    • Who can be a kidney donor as per law?
    • Importance of deceased organ donation
    • Waiting list registration, allocation of organs
    • What to expect after transplant surgery
    • Life after transplant
    • Swap vs ABO Incompatible transplant


    Lastly she shared about the quality of life after a transplant. Post that there was question and answer session. Following questions were addressed:-


    1. What is the status of organ donations in other countries?
    2. Do we have to take NOC from 2 different states if the donor and recipient are from two states?
    3. Can my wife donate her kidney to me if her blood group is O and my blood group is AB?


    Session concluded with live video calling from a donor who recently donated one of her kidney to her husband.  She shared her experience with the group that encouraged the participants to think about kidney transplant versus dialysis.


    At the end of the session, Dr. Jitendra Kumar, Director, Nephrology, Accord Super specialty Hospital, thanked Dr.Muneet for addressing the group.


    Close to 30 participants attended the session. The participants included dialysis patients and caregivers, entire dialysis team, nephrologist and transplant team. In addition to this, the entire workshop was live on the Facebook page of Accord hospital which got 403 views, 3 shares and comments and 20 likes as of today. In the end one couple pledged their organs on website and 2 families agreed for transplant.


    A full recording of the video is available at

    Source-Dr. Aanchal
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