Organ Donation awareness and pledge-taking ceremony at JJ Hospital

Updated on Monday, August 7, 2023
  • JJ Hospital witnessed a momentous event on August 3rd 2023, commemorating the spirit of organ donation with a series of enlightening and heartwarming activities. The event commenced with an inauguration ceremony, followed by the lighting of the lamp, a captivating short film on organ donation, and a melodious welcome song performed by the talented students of the Nursing College. The occasion also featured an informative session by Dr. Ashwini from the Anatomy Department, culminating in a heartfelt pledge taken by all attendees, and a touching closing ceremony.

    The event aimed to raise awareness about the critical need for organ donation and encourage the community to come forward and contribute to this life-saving cause. With thousands of patients on transplant waiting lists, the event highlighted the significance of organ donation in transforming and extending the lives of those suffering from end-stage organ failure.

    The program commenced with the esteemed dignitaries, Dr. Pallavi Sapale Dean JJ Hospital, Dr. Gajanan Chavan, Vice Dean Dr. Ameeta Joshi, Vice Dean and Medical Superintendent Dr. Sanjay Surase, Ms. Aparna Sanke, Principal of Nursing College, and representatives from the Institute of Nursing Education and Metron Yojna Beldar participating in the inauguration. The symbolic lighting of the lamp followed, signifying the illumination of hope and the radiance of giving life to others through organ donation.

    A short film on previous successful organ donations left the audience deeply moved, shedding light on the transformative impact organ transplants can have on the lives of patients and their families. The film emphasized the urgent need for more organ donors and the significance of having conversations about organ donation with loved ones.

    Adding a harmonious touch to the event, students from the Nursing College enthralled the audience with a soul-stirring welcome song, setting the tone for the program's informative segment.

    Dr. Ashwini from the Anatomy Department, took the stage to provide valuable insights into organ donation, dispelling myths, and clarifying misconceptions. Her informative session proved instrumental in equipping attendees with the necessary knowledge to make informed decisions about organ donation.

    The highlight of the event was the collective pledge taken by all participants, reaffirming their commitment to support and promote organ donation in their personal and professional lives. The emotional pledge reflected the unwavering dedication of JJ Hospital's staff and the broader community to be champions of hope and life for those in need.

    JJ Hospital extends its sincere appreciation to all attendees, participants, and organizers who made the event a resounding success. The hospital remains dedicated to its mission of serving the community and saving lives through organ donation. Around 250 students attended the session and 48 participants pledged their organs.

    Source-Ms. Shamika Singh
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