Organ Donation Information Desk at Kumbalkar College of Social Work, Nagpur

Updated on Monday, July 30, 2018
  •  Dr. Yogesh Kumbalkar, President of Kumbalkar College of Social Work,  Nagpur, invited MOHAN Foundation to set a stall on organ donation in collaboration with National Service Unit (NSS) & Jeevan Jyoti Blood Bank, Nagpur on 23 July 2018. The occasion was the of birthday celebrations of Mr. Ajit Powar of  Maharashtra Pradesh Rashtravadi Congress Party.

    Mr. Bulu Behera,  Transplant Coordinator, MOHAN Foundation set an information desk with help of brochures, donor cards, standee and a banner. Through these resources he gave information what is organ donation? Who can donate organ? What is Natural death & Brain death? In case Natural death which tissue can be donated. In case of Brain death which tissue or organ can be donated. Role of ZTCC in organ donation. He requested everyone to use helpline number and MOHAN Foundation website to get more information.

    25 members of the party are visited the desk and 10 of them signed the consent form and took donor cards. 

    Source-Bulu Behera
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