Organ Donation Awareness for Members of Dharmasthala Women’s Association

Updated on Tuesday, October 12, 2021
  • Mrs. Ranjini Shankar MS met with the corporator candidate for Kengeri ward, explained to him the concept of organ donation, and requested him to organize an awareness session. He understood the importance of creating awareness about the subject and arranged for an event for the Dharmasthala Women’s Association of the Kengeri ward on 11th October 2021. A batch of 120 women attended the 2-hour session.

    Mrs. Ranjini began the session by introducing MOHAN Foundation, its mission and vision and proceeded to explain the following:

    • the concept of organ and tissue donation
    • the types of death i.e., circulatory death and brain death
    • brain death declaration, apnoea test and other clinical tests
    • procedure of deceased and live organ donation
    • procedures of eye, skin and bone donation
    • barriers to organ donation
    • myths and facts related to organ donation
    • the role of Jeevasarthakathe
    • transplant Law
    • importance of a donor card

    Mrs. Ranjini also shared the inspiring story of Ms. Shreya Siddanagowder, a bilateral hand transplant recipient. All 120 members expressed their support for the cause and proudly signed up as organ donors and received their donor cards.

    Source-Ms. Ranjini Shankar
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