Organ Donation Awareness at Toshniwal Hyvac, Chennai

Updated on Tuesday, June 18, 2019
  • On 15th June 2019, MOHAN Foundation delivered an awareness talk on organ donation for the employees of Toshniwal Hyvac Pvt. Ltd in Kilpauk, Chennai. The session which began around 4:45 pm was attended by 25 staff and lasted for around 45 minutes. Ms. Juhija R, and Ms. Ishwarya Thyagarajan, from MOHAN Foundation, assisted by Ms. Shamily V S and Ms. Jinimol K V, Interns from MMM College of Health Sciences spoke on the subject.

    ‘Life Before Ashes’, an award winning exhibit comprising of organ models made of human ashes and sand were displayed at the venue. The concepts of organ donation, why and when is a transplantation required, various organs that can be donated, types of donors, types of death, viability of organs after retrieval, difference between brain death and coma, Transplantation of Human Organs Act, myths and misconceptions related to organ donation were explained.


    The following were a few questions asked:

    • Will the body be disfigured following donation?
    • What are the organs that can be donated while living?
    • How to register as an organ donor online?
    • Do donated organs get wasted?
    • How will a family know about a registered organ donor’s wish after his death?
    • For how long can corneas and skin grafts be stored?

    There were 25 employees who attended the programme and 3 of them signed to be organ donors. MOHAN Foundation is thankful to Toshniwal Pvt. Ltd. for the opportunity.

    Source-Shamily V S
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