Organ Donation Awareness at GMCH, Nagpur

Updated on Friday, May 24, 2019
  • On May 09th, 2019 MOHAN Foundation conducted an awareness session on organ donation at Trauma Centre of Government Medical College and Hospital, Nagpur. A 2000-bed multi-specialty hospital, the GMCH is the biggest hospital in Nagpur providing all medical and surgical facilities. The talk was jointly organized by Dr. N Tirpude (Prof and Head of Anesthesiology) and Ms Prarthana Dwivedi (Transplant Coordinator), for the ICU and Critical Care nursing staff of the trauma centre.                               

    Ms. Prarthana Dwivedi began her talk with introduction of MOHAN Foundation and its activities.  She then spoke about the organs that can be donated by a living donor in case of an emergency to save the life of a family member or a loved one. She continued explaining about the different types of death and the organs that can be donated in each case. The concept of brain death was introduced to the audience and the causes of brain death were explained. Difference between coma and brain death and all the tests performed to certify brain death were elaborately explained.

    Dr. Soma Cham and Dr. Shoaib Mohammad (SICU) were also present. Around 20 staff members attended the talk and brochures containing information about organ donation were also distributed.

    MOHAN Foundation is thankful to Dr. Mohammad Faisal (TICU In-charge), Dr. Pavitra Patnaik (Neuro), Dr. Pradeep Dhumane (Prof of Anesthesiology) and Dr. Tirpude for supporting the noble cause.

    Source-Prarthana Dwivedi
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