Organ Donation Awareness at College of Pharmacy, Bengaluru

Updated on Wednesday, January 12, 2022
  • The Faculty  of Pharmacy, Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences, Bengaluru invited MOHAN Foundation to conduct an awareness session for their students.  This was organised in association with their NSS unit, led by Mr. Damodar Naik and assisted by Ms. Emilia Koley. The talk was scheduled on Sunday 9th January 2022. Dr. Hemal Kanvinde, Quality Assurance Officer was the speaker and Ms. Ranjini M S, Program Officer of the Foundation was the observer for the session. It was attended by 118 participants. 

    The session began with an introduction of the speaker by Ms. Emilia. Dr. Kanvinde started by conducting a poll on myths related to organ donation.  She then spoke on the need for donation; what, when and how organ and tissue donation take place.  A video on brain death was played to explain all aspects of brain death. She explained that organ donation after circulatory death is possible under a highly controlled environment. The Law and the processes and government bodies instituted by the Act were also introduced to the audience. Finally the myths on organ donation were discussed. The importance of a donor card and how to register as a donor was explained. Dr. Kanvinde concluded with a brief overview of MOHAN Foundation’s work. 

    The session ended with a short film about Ms. Shreya Siddanagowder, a bilateral hand transplant recipient. A very active Q&A session followed. The queries were on –

    • how soon do the organs have to be transplanted
    • is there priority for organ failure patients in the waiting list
    • is re-transplant of a donated organ possible
    • difference between coma and brain death
    • are organs sold after donation
    • what are the main ethical issues in organ donation and transplantation
    • why has the transplant law not allowed for organs to be utilized for research since that will benefit science
    • would stem cell research and artificial organs be the future in organ transplantation
    • are there any government centres where we can pledge to become organ donors
    • does one call MOHAN Foundation if there is death in the family

    The event ended with a Vote of Thanks by Mr. Vikas Manu, a student. MOHAN Foundation thanks Dr. J Anbu, Head of the Faculty of Pharmacy for supporting the cause of organ donation.

    Source-Dr. Hemal Kanvinde
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